Small Successes ~ July Edition


We’re back for another round of Small Successes! This month we’re featuring all our readers who have had a reason to jump for joy recently. Please cheer on your fellow makers!

small success 4

Minnette of Minette vs. Corey:

“I just finished up my tax paperwork for the year and realized that for the first time ever, I have made a proper wage and it’s from being entirely self-employed.”

small success 3

Lisa of Springwood Porcelain:

“I got a great wholesale order for a new shop opening in the Barossa Valley! 32 bowls and 130 Christmas decorations!!!”

Leona’s Daughter:

“Royal Design Studios used my suggestion for the name of their new stencil! ‘Boxwood Trellis’ is the name and they sent me a large version as a prize.”

small success 2

Jordan of ScatterBrained Collars:

“I just picked up a wholesale account with 9 locations!”

small success 1

Melissa of Holmes-Made Papercuts:

“I’ve had my biggest ever month of sales in my shop selling my prints and papercut originals!”

Have you had a small success in the last month? Share it with us below!

Megan Eckman

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Megan Eckman is a quirky pen and ink illustrator who never outgrew her overactive imagination. Her work merges the style of old fairy tale illustrations with modern fantasies. When she’s not drawing (and giggling all the while), she can be found pacing her apartment writing more stories to go with her artwork.



I have gone from zero sales to 6 sales plus 3 custom orders in the last few months. While this is still very small it is quite exciting to be building my business. I have been implementing all the advise that I receive on this Create and Thrive website as well as other advise from the very sharing Etsy community. Many thanks for all the helpful content.

Megan Eckman

Congratulations! I’m so happy the website has been helping you. 🙂

Brianna Murray

I had a $$ goal for the previous financial year (my first year in my handmade business). After doing all my financials this week realised I have totally smashed it! Nearly double! High 5!


A division one University asked if I could make one of my keepsake bears using their t-shirts for their annual Bidder Bowl!


Thanks so much for including me! I had a great month; congratulations to all the others you’ve included too!

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