C&T Recommended Reads ~ Week 43, 2014

recommended reading week 43

From Megan:

From Jess:

Megan Eckman

Megan Eckman has written 146 posts in this blog.

Megan Eckman is a quirky pen and ink illustrator who never outgrew her overactive imagination. Her work merges the style of old fairy tale illustrations with modern fantasies. When she’s not drawing (and giggling all the while), she can be found pacing her apartment writing more stories to go with her artwork.


Abby Glassenberg

Hi Jess- Thank you so much for linking to my show. My episode with Amy and Ellen was a lot of fun, but I’m afraid it’s not about conversions and sales. But thank you.


Hi Abby,
That was totally my bad. (Megan here.) Obviously I needed sleep when I wrote that up. I’m so sorry! Changing it now!

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