recommended reading week 21

From Megan:

Biz Ladies: How to Use an Identity Change to Find Success – DesignSponge (I’m going through this myself over the course of the rest of this year so I’m really eager to see how I can find success after a big shift in my branding.)

The Most Underestimated Power Source – Tara Mohr (A beautiful post about the power of creativity.)

The Worst Money Mistakes You Can Make at Any Age – DailyWorth (As the daughter of a banking/financial genius, I love financial articles.  Are you making these money mistakes?)

Life is More Fun When You Don’t Have to Worry About Money – Evolve & Succeed (Short and sweet advice on why marketing really is your best friend in business.) (This site/resource is no longer available)


From Jess:

The Reality of Owning Your Own Creative Business – Love Grows (I definitely agree with the breakdown of time spent doing your craft versus time spent building the business!)

12 Rituals Happy, Successful People Practice Every Day – Marc + Angel (Are you doing any of these things?)

This One Simple Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement – Jeff Bullas (Some great tips…)

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