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shop fundamentals

What is is: Shop Fundamentals

By: Lisa Jacobs, maker behind Energy Shop Jewelry, writer behind Marketing Your Creativity (and also a regular writer here at Create & Thrive)

What It Includes:

  • 48-page e-book
  • 19-page workbook

Why We Loved It:

If you’re looking for a book that will teach you how to build a strong base for your business, you will love Shop Fundamentals. Lisa covers all the basic information makers need to open (or improve) their online shop, whether it’s on Etsy or their own site. She tells you all the common mistakes people make so that you can save yourself the trouble (and years) of losing sales due to silly things like not researching your keywords correctly. Lisa also shows you how to get into your customers’ heads to write copy that appeals to them and build a relationship that has them coming back again and again. Shop Fundamentals is a very well-rounded book packed with advice that every maker can use, whether they’ve just opened their shop or been in business for five years.

Best of all?

I’m all about worksheets and Lisa created a lovely workbook to accompany her e-book so you can work your way through every chapter. She was even nice enough to include a bonus worksheet that gives you prompts to keep you moving forward day after day.

Check out more about the guide here.


C&T Trees: 4 out of 5!

4 trees




Lisa is giving away a copy of her Shop Fundamentals ebook to a lucky Create & Thrive reader!

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P.S. Lisa is giving away a copy of the Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography over on her blog, so get over there and enter that one, too!!


{A note from Jess: There are a phenomenal amount of useful and informative books/ebooks/courses out there – so how do you choose which ones are right for you? Megan & I decided to start a monthly review series here on the blog where we share our favourites with you. If you know of a great book or info product out there that you think we should take a look at, make sure to contact us and let us know about it!  Disclaimer: C&T is an affiliate of some of these products. We give honest reviews and only recommend stuff we think is genuinely useful and practical.}

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This e-book would really help me because I have no business training or experience and have been learning everything myself through trial and error!

Allison Dey Malacaria

What a biz-smart giveaway! I’d love to read this book. There are always fundamental grounding issues we miss when we build our businesses. Nice to have another pair of eyes to see through to assess and build.

Cindy Kuo

This e-book will help me strengthen my business and improvise the lack on my online shop. I really want to have a customer base that can keep coming back to me and buy my products. Thank you!


Trying to get my creative online business up and running to the best of my ability, I could use all the expert advice I can get so I’d really love to win this E-book. Thanks for the opportunity.


There is always more to learn about having a small/online biz – thanks for the opportunity to do so.


I have been wanting to start something online but has always been held back by what-ifs and hows. It will be great to get this ebook to help me start up! Thank you for the giveaway to clueless me. 🙂


I’m in the process of rebranding my Etsy shop to make it more in tune with my passions and strengths – so this book would be fab in helping me set up ready for Holiday Season! x


I need all the help I can get right now. 🙂 And I love when eBooks come with workbooks, it makes the application so much easier.

Nancy Rich

I’m working on finding inexpensive yet high quality materials to feature on Facebook and in my ETSY store. I think your book would be a terrific tool for me to use.

Lydia Crespo

What a fantastic giveaway! It sounds like a fantastic ebook. I am excited at the chance to win! Fingers crossed!!


I’m opening an online business this fall – this book sounds like it would offer a lot great info!


I am a mechanic that was making jewelry as a hobby, it has grown to the point I am currently turning a room in my house into a dedicated create/build/ship shop. I have reorganized everything multiple times and still not happy with the flow/layout. Great Giveaway!!

Jenni-Ann Selvaggi

It is so amazing to have various supports from different creators and people with true experience. I just opened my shop 2 1/2 months ago and while I have been making sales, I am constantly trying to improve to be the best small business owner I can be. Shop Fundamentals would help me really understand more of the essentials! (


Thank you so much for not only running this contest, but for imparting so much valuable knowledge and insight into the handmade business world! I would love to read the ebook – I work a full time job and am desperately trying to create opportunities for myself in the handmade world. Converting traffic into sales is something I am especially interested in.
Thanks again!

Ann Widner

Thanks for sponsoring this contest! I have had my Etsy shop for (more than) several years but have been mainly selling my photo jewelry in several shops/boutiques in my city, both wholesale and on consignment. I’d love to win Shop Fundamentals and learn more about selling online.


Thank you for offering such useful information to handmade business entrepreneurs. Although I’ve been in business for a little while and even have a degree in business finance, information such as this, specifically geared toward creatives, always offers nuggets of wisdom not typically learned in the corporate world. Thanks so much!


Thank you for all the wonderful information and inspiration. I just know it is going to increase my sales.

Lynette Long

I would love to win this! Keywords are one of the things tough to conquer. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve. 🙂


I would love to win this ebook. We are very new to etsy, and we are looking to build our business. I would love to continue learning.

Mary Cadwallader

I am just getting plans underway to open a shop…this is like personal mentoring Fantastic.


This ebook would help me improve my shops.


This sounds amazing!


I love having a list of step by step things to do and work on. This workbook sounds great and I know it would provide helpful information for my etsy shop.

Annie Zorzo

I’m ready to get serious and take the steps needed to grow and succeed….but need some business and marketing help. This is the help I need and a work book will help tailor it all to me and my business.


I am finally getting serious with my business, and a baby on the way(I would love to be able to stay home), this would be a great help!


I read this blog and Marketing Creativity all the time and subscribe to your email newsletters which are informative and entertaining. I am just starting out with my tiny small business and am almost completely overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the Internet. It would be nice to have one source from folks with a proven track record to reference.

What say you?