Ask the Makers – What’s Your Favourite Online Venue?

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Last month we had a great comment on our Ask the Makers post.  Someone wanted to know where we each sell our items online and which platform we like best.  This is such a great question!

Danielle’s Answer:

Etsy has always worked best for me. It is SO easy to use and they have a mobile app so that is a huge bonus. I also have a shopify shop. I like having it but I don’t put a ton of effort into it. I am still trying to figure out how to make another shop work in addition to Etsy without losing my mind. I use my domain on my business cards though – I think I get most of my sales on Etsy from traffic through search. I think it is more professional to have my domain on my cards – I have a link to Etsy there because I know it is sometimes easier for people to use Etsy. I also think some people find comfort in the security of a big site like Etsy. I respect that.

Etsy shop: Merriweather Council

Danielle’s shop: Merriweather Council

Jess’s Answer:

I started out on Etsy, and still see a big chunk of my sales come in from there – usually from new customers. I’ve been selling from my own website for a few years, and I’ve found the number of sales coming through there has picked up steadily. I sell on a few other venues, too, but Etsy and my own dot com bring in the bulk of my income.
I love selling on Etsy because it brings in a LOT of new customers. I usually find that repeat customers will then shop from my own website. Etsy is a ‘safe’ place for people to shop from a new designer, because they have a safety net. Once they know you and trust you, they’re more willing to shop with you directly.

Etsy shop: Epheriell

Jess’s shop: Epheriell

Megan’s Answer:

I started out on Etsy nearly 4 years ago but last year I built my own site.  Nowadays, I see the majority of my sales through my own shop.  Personally, this makes me really happy because I don’t have to pay listing fees and I’m supporting my own brand.  People don’t get distracted by the myriad of amazing things on Etsy and instead stay in my shop.

I still enjoy selling on Etsy and I see a trickle of sales there still.  The thing that irks me though is that every 3 months or so, Etsy changes its listing technique or its SEO preference.  If I had all the time in the world, I’d be able to keep up on that sort of thing and tweak my entire shop but I’d much rather just re-list things as they sell/expire and market my own shop.

Etsy shop: Studio MME

Megan’s shop: Studio MME

Do you sell on more than one platform?  Feel free to share below which online space works best for you!

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Lana Reid

I find Madeit an Australian company a great platform to sell my items on


Absolutely! Especially if you’re focussing on an Aussie market, madeit is a great choice.

What say you?