Do you wonder just how well your online handmade shop stacks up?


Are you worried that your descriptions aren’t up to scratch?

That your photos don’t stand out?

That your About Page falls flat?

That your prices are way too high – or too low?

Do you want honest, detailed, and actionable feedback on your shop that you can implement to change exactly what you need to in order to have a shop that shines?

You’re exactly where you need to be!

I enjoy giving people direct, actionable, honest feedback about their stores, so I decided to start offering stand-alone critiques to do just that.

If you don’t know who I am, or what qualifies me to give you a critique, check out more about me here. Go on, I’ll wait *sips coffee*.

You’re back? Awesome.

You know I know my stuff?

Fantastic. Let’s continue.

I have done stacks (somewhere in the hundreds) of shop critiques over the years – mostly for my Set Up Shop students.

I just wanted to respond to the critique by saying thank you for totally going with the flow as far as my selling wool as my shop product…..

The Set Up Shop class was amazing, your blog posts have always been totally relevant (if not totally life changing), but yet I always felt like my products certainly were different.

I kind of thought you might balk at the thought of selling wool, but you didn’t – you just did an amazing job with the critique as you do with everything else and I truly appreciate it.

I honestly would not be selling wool this way if there were not a market for it, but everyday I still think about how weird it is. Great critiques, I have already started implementing many of them.

Leah Saltzman

Shepherdess Wool

Do you feel that you need to have an objective, experienced set of eyes analyse your shop?

I operate on a positive & bluntly honest model when it comes to giving you feedback. I won’t sugar-coat unpleasant truths, but I won’t neglect to tell you what you’re doing right, either!

I was in the February class of Set Up Shop and you critiqued my shop “Ruby’s Quilts and Cushions” on madeit.

The course was invaluable as was your critique. I had set up shop on madeit last July and didn’t have a clue!

Your critique of my shop was extremely objective and helpful and I am continually working to improve my photography and make product changes/additions as well.

I am getting a lot of referrals and enquiries now and also set up on Etsy, which I would not have contemplated prior to the course or your critique. You have given me the confidence to keep going

Chris Powley

You have two Shop Scrutiny options to choose from:


5-Point Micro-Critique


What will I critique?
  • I will choose 5 points to comment on in your shop. Basically – 5 specific things that leap out at me that need the most work AND/OR that you’re doing really, really well.
  • You can direct me on this when you purchase – ask me to critique a certain part of your shop (photos, descriptions, etc)
What will you receive?
  • A single page pdf containing your 5-Point Micro-Critique (packed full of tips – no double-spacing here!)
  • This will be completed within 5 business days of you purchasing and directing me to your shop/website, or as discussed.

This is a great choice if you just have one or two specific areas you’d like me to look at for you.

Or, you just want some quick & direct feedback on your shop as a whole.

What will your investment be?

$95*  AUD

I would like to really thank you for the opportunity to have an independent critique of my website and Etsy shop. 

The feedback that you have given me is fantastic and very spot on.  I particularly liked your suggestions for other ways to display and photograph my quilts.  I’m currently working on establishing a relationship with a local homewares store that I think would be perfect for displaying my quilts and other products.

I’ve also been in product development mode so that I will have more products available in my stores and ready for shipping.

I have really appreciated the time you took to provide me with this invaluable feedback. Thank you once again!

Ange Boyd

Little Owl Designs

Full Shop Critique


What will I critique?


  • Your branding – banner, colours etc
  • Products
  • Photos
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • About Page
  • Policies
  • Shipping
  • Pricing
 What will you receive?
  • A 2-3 page pdf document containing your specific critique
  • The ability to ask me one round of questions via email in response to the critique I gave you
  • This will be completed within 7 business days of you purchasing and directing me to your shop/website, or as discussed between us.

This is the critique to choose if you really want a clear overview of every aspect of your shop/website, and how it all works together.

I look at each area individually AND in relation to each other to give you an objective idea of how cohesive your shop is. 

 What will your investment be?

$220* AUD

Thank you so much for your very constructive critique of my website, which is still undergoing changes after I did your course.

I am very happy with your ‘report’ and agree with you 100%!

Mi la Cour

Colours on Grey

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