Do you struggle to make sales at craft markets and shows?

Do you wonder how that person across the aisle walks away with a bumper profit while you’re left barely covering the market fee?


Chances are, it’s because they’ve learnt how to become an effective salesperson.


In order to sell more, you need to learn down-to-earth, authentic strategies to: 

  • engage your customer;
  • make them feel good;
  • show them why what you sell will make their lives better;
  • encourage them to fall in love with your brand, and;
  • hand over their money feeling like THEY have come out on top of the transaction (because they have!).


‘Sales’ and ‘selling’ can be scary words for those of us who have no experience – we’re afraid of annoying people, as coming across as sleazy or pushy – but selling doesn’t have to be that way at all!


This self-study e-course will teach you what you need to know to not only become an effective salesperson – but to actually even relax into and enjoy the process!

I used all the H2SM lessons at my a fair last weekend and they really helped me to boost my sales!

I really found the Greetings and the Upselling so helpful. Have my last show of the season this weekend and feel very prepared with all your lessons and tips.

Louise Howard


Do You: 

  • Feel ‘icky’ about selling?
  • Want to sell more at your market or show, but just don’t know how?
  • Feel like you’re bothering people at your stall if you talk to them, so stay quiet?
  • Hide from customers (either literally, or via reading a book, looking at your phone etc.) because you’re uncomfortable and don’t know what to say?
  • Struggle with knowing how to greet customers?
  • Think ‘upselling’ is a dirty word?
  • Lose sales because you haven’t effectively engaged potential customers?
  • Not know who your target customer is when you spot them?
  • Feel unsure as to how to reflect your brand in how you present yourself, and the signage, marketing materials, and packaging you have?
  • Struggle with how to ‘tell your story’ in an appealing, succinct way that will help people fall in love with you and your brand?
  • Worry about how to handle unhappy customers or returns?
  • Find it hard to ‘close’ the sale? 


This course will help you overcome all of these issues, and give you concrete strategies to help you become a more confident, effective salesperson – without feeling ‘icky’ in any way.

This is the second Create and Thrive e-course I have participated in. Much like the Set Up Shop course, How to Sell More at Markets and Shows provides an easy to follow and concise curriculum which challenges students to expand their knowledge of their own business while not interfering with the running of said business!

How to Sell More has enabled me to be prepared for my first craft show in a few weeks. Kath’s daily action steps forced me to stop just thinking about how to sell at shows and to purposefully plan exactly what I want to say to customers, what I want to sell, and how I will engage visitors to my booth.

With the knowledge base that I have from the course and the work that I have done through the worksheets and exercises I feel confident and empowered going into my first show! And isn’t that all we really need to be successful?

Jenelle B

Spools and Drool Baby Boutique

Meet Your Teacher… Kath Chown

Kath has been in retail since she was fifteen and worked hard to open her first B&M shop at twenty-eight. She is a writer, creative, entrepreneur and loves travel and baking (maybe a little too much!). She is often left with a ‘craftermath’ after a new creative endeavour but loves to try new projects and craft techniques. In her spare time she swings in her hammock and reads up on her favourite blogs.

Why I Wrote this E-Course

After being in retail for over 10 years in big companies with great training schemes, I realised that I had an edge when attending markets as a stallholder.

With such great information under my belt, I was able to effectively help every customer and make the most of my time each day.

Watching other stallholders I wondered why they weren’t capitalising on their interactions with their customers and ultimately it made me realise the value of my training. 

I wrote this e-course to impart my knowledge to creatives and anybody who has a stall at a market or show.

Learning the key steps for great customer assistance can make the difference between an average day and a fantastic day for your business!

Kath x

I sell at markets on a regular basis, so I was curious as to what this course might have to offer me in terms of selling my work at markets, and was really pleased to discover a solid course packed with achievable action items and things to consider when selling at markets.  

All of it was presented in easily digested lessons, and gave me a lot to think about in terms of how I present myself at markets, and the sales approach that I take.

I agree that the best stall layout is not necessarily a factor when selling successfully at markets, and I have found my most successful days are often when something has not gone quite right for me, and I’ve had to pick myself up and compensate by talking more to my customers!

I am doing a market on Sunday, so am looking forward to putting this into action.

Julie Frahm


This course will teach you:  

  • How to present yourself in the best possible light – because how you look reflects on your brand
  • How to work out your target market/ideal customer and how to spot them coming
  • The basics of branding, and the elements of your brand you should be able to explain to your customer (what does your biz name mean, for example)
  • How to harness your natural personality to boost sales – we won’t ask you to become someone you’re not
  • How to create ‘freeze phrases’ to use when you’re stuck
  • Question-asking strategy
  • The rules of greeting your customer (including a list of do’s and don’ts)
  • What ‘features’ and ‘benefits’ are in relation to your products, and why you need to know them
  • The importance of using your own products
  • Why you need a bank of descriptive words for each product
  • How to tell your story in the best way to enthral your customers
  • How to upsell in a genuine and honest way – that will actually leave your customers happier!
  • How to close the sale – the cues you need to watch for and use yourself
  • The trick to making your customers feel special at the close of the sale
  • Why the packaging you use is important
  • How to look after your customer once the sale has completed
  • How to deal with unhappy customers and returns


This course will not teach you:  

  • How to ‘set up’ your stall. Merchandising is a whole other topic – this course is focussed upon YOU, the seller, and the way you interact with your customer, not the design of your stall.
  • What products to make, or what price to set.
  • Anything about the ‘logistics’ of markets and shows (getting there, setting up, packing down, etc.)
  • Advanced sales techniques – if you’re already an experienced salesperson, who is comfortable, confident, and successful when selling face-to-face, you probably won’t learn anything new. This course is aimed at those who are struggling with face-to-face selling, or haven’t had any training or experience.


Jess and Kath, you’ve done a fabulous job in capturing a market-seller’s thoughts and questions throughout the course.

As you decide the enter the whole market process, you ask yourself “could I, should I, will I” and so on. This course enables you to relax through the planning process, enabling you approach markets in a much more enjoyable way.

As a purchaser I love being made to feel special, and I often “put myself in the customers shoes” when selling.

I wish this course and content was around when I started doing markets. Congratulations on a consistently wonderful introduction to markets.


Course Structure and Delivery

This is a 14-day course, delivered daily via email. You’ll get one lesson at the same time every day for the next 14 days (and yep, if you sign up now, you get Lesson 1 as soon as you complete enrolment!).

Each lesson has a list of Action Steps at the end that gives you the exact task you need to complete that day.

There are a couple of worksheets included during the course (on branding and your ideal customer) for you to print and use – as well as a printable ‘run-sheet’ to take with you to your next market to ensure you don’t miss enacting any of the steps of the sales process we teach you in this course.

At the end of the course, we’ll also give you the entire course in e-book form so you can download that and have it saved to easily reference in future.

This is a self-study e-course, which means you don’t have direct contact with a teacher – you work through it independently, at your own pace. Have to miss a day? No problem, just catch up the next day – but try to work through the lessons in order if you can, as they build upon each other.

Why a course via e-mail?

The reason we deliver it daily via email is so you have one, focussed topic to cover each day, AND so you are reminded every day to work through the course. How often have you bought a book or e-book, only to promptly forget about it in the ‘busy-ness’ of life and never work through the content?

By taking a course like this one, you are reminded each day of the lesson you need to focus on. You can’t forget – it’s right there in your inbox.

Easily digestible pieces of content delivered in an actionable time frame = you actually doing the coursework! 

We recommend you set aside a specific time each day to work through the course content – each lesson should only take you around half an hour to complete.



How much time will the course take to complete?

Some lessons will only take 10-20 minutes to complete – others will take much longer. It will vary depending on how much work you’ve done previously on your brand. Each lesson has a teaching section, followed by ‘Action Steps’  – that day’s tasks to complete.


Is there any interaction with the teacher during the course?

No. As this is a self-study course, it is completely self-directed.


How much does this course cost in my currency?

Please visit xe.com to convert the AUD course cost to your currency.


How to Sell More at Markets and Shows was a great tool to add to any indie crafters’ arsenal.

It is full of inspiring, easy to implement and thought provoking ideas.  I have never sold at a market, but I have gone to many yarn/fiber events big and small and I will always give my money to those sellers that seem to want to sell me their product.

What a difference just a few simple steps can make!  The included worksheets are a great way to really get focused and see who exactly your target customer is.  I love that this course isn’t intimidating and makes the idea of selling at a market less daunting.  I had fun filling out the worksheets and learning more about myself, my customer and my brand.

This 14-day course is a great jumping off point for those who are new to selling at markets and a great refresher of successful habits for indie crafters who are already selling in markets.

Even after working in retail for years, I learned new things to help create the kind of atmosphere that will help sell my product and keep me relaxed, having fun and ultimately selling my product.

Denise Cole

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