Right Time


I was asked a question recently by reader Jenni-Ann, relating to the ‘right time’ to start building a website for her business. I said ‘yes, the right time is RIGHT NOW’.

I realised that the same can be said for your business in general.

So many people hang back from starting their new venture because they’re waiting for the ‘right time’.

Waiting for when they feel like they’re ready.

Waiting until they know everything they need to.

Waiting for their next holiday, when they’ll have more free time.

Waiting for their kids to be born/grow up/leave home.

Waiting until their spouse gets that promotion.

Waiting, waiting. Always waiting.

And they wait for their entire lives, and their dream never moves from their minds into the outside world.

I know every single person reading this has a dream that they want to make tangible reality.

There is truth in the adage that ‘you can do anything, but not everything’.

However, don’t get tripped up by the idea that to start something – to start a creative business – you need to be at a certain ‘level’.

You don’t.

All you need is an idea. Then, you need to put it out into the world, in whatever form it’s in right now, and let it grow.

It’s just like planting a seed. You don’t plant an acorn and expect it to be an oak when you wake up tomorrow, do you?

Of course not.

Your business is just like that.

You have an idea – a seed – but until you plant it, it will never grow.

You can keep it safe – your seed idea – in a jar in the back of your cupboard. Sure, it will stay there, and it will stay viable. But so long as you keep it in the jar, it will never have the chance to bloom into what it could be.


Plant it and let it grow.


Let it stretch and branch and form organically into what it can be. There is no ‘right’ way for branches to form on a tree. They form according to the conditions that they grow in.

Your business will grow according to the conditions it encounters.

A tree is never finished growing.  Neither is a business.

It will never be done or finished.

Therefore, it is impossible for your business to be ‘perfect’ – ever.

If you’re waiting until your business is perfect in conception before you test it against reality, you will never launch it. {click to tweet}

No tree is ever perfect. Neither is any business.

A business is not a static thing. It is alive. It is always growing, changing, evolving, bending, breaking, healing.

You will never know everything you need to know to make your business successful. But you can always learn. You can always experiment. You can always apologise. You can always try again. You can always move in a new direction.

You can – and will – always grow.


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