Holy moly, I did it! Thanks to your (unrelenting) encouragement to get that mailing list up and running I now have tussled with Mail Chimp and have a sign up on my blog and on my Joyful Linens Facebook page. I am bleary eyed and totally witless at this point, but had to thank you before I go to bed. Due to your list of 10 things an online business must have I finally got the mailing list in place this week end. It’s been hell for leather since I opened my Etsy shop near the end of October and sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere UNTIL I look at the list of all the things I’ve put in place over the last four months. And I’m learning it all from scratch. My last big task is to convert my word press blog to a website. As soon as I decided on the name for my business I claimed my domain name, so I’m girding my loins for this next step and then hopefully I’ll at least be set up for business. I do love your articles and realistic but upbeat support.


Woo hoo!! Awesome work Joy! 🙂


I have a Blogger blog right now. I would like to take the whole thing to a new level. I also have an easy shop. I am trying to bring the whole thing together, and be more professional. Would you recommend moving to WordPress? Or is Blogger an ok way to go?

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