stop and enjoy the view

Well…there’s no denying it!  This year was definitely a busy one for me, and opening a B&M store without having any prior experience was all consuming, to say the least!

But we all know that it’s important to take in the highs and the lows, whatever they may be and acknowledge what has got you to here.

So rewinding back the year, this is my 2013 in summary:

  • Dreamt of opening a café.
  • Ecstatic – found the perfect spot!
  • Signed the lease.
  • Nervous about signing the lease.
  • Inspiration – joyous creativity.
  • Store opening!!!!
  • Exhilaration.
  • 3 am starts. Chaos!
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Exhaustion!
  • Adapting.
  • Learning to let go.
  • Growing – getting comfortable.
  • Second store prospect.
  • Inspiration – joyous creativity.
  • Store opening.
  • Exhilaration!
  • 2 am starts.
  • Exhaustion!
  • Less dreaming, more worrying.
  • Christmas
  • Rest  – sleep.  Switch off.
  • Family time.
  • Flickering hope.
  • Boundless creativity
  • So much possibility.
  • Putting new plans into action.


It’s a quick summation I know- and only a teensy insight into the rollercoaster that is “starting a small business” but looking back, my life in that one year, really did seem to fit perfectly and neatly into those lively and succinct little headings.

It’s funny, reading that, it seems so obvious now that exhaustion can be the killer of all things remotely hopeful and creative, and without hope and creativity our businesses would never survive.

Without rest, we cannot nourish our souls and feed our creative spirits to become truly inventive and innovative.

There is something so golden about those precious days between Christmas and New Year that make us slow down, rejuvenate and reassess what’s important, what we want and how can we make it happen.

After a rest, the start of a New Year is the perfect time to look at things with fresh eyes.

I find making a list of just three things is a great way to start.  Once you have ticked them off – it gets you on a roll and you’ll find it much easier to achieve more, rather than just writing a big long list and being daunted by the thought.

For me: I wanted to change around the upstairs and breathe new energy into the cafe.   I moved around the furniture, got rid of things that weren’t working and painted two walls – one bright yellow!

None of this, I’m sure, would have happened without some precious time out.

So after reflecting on what 2013 was like for you – make a list of what three things you would like to change/do to set your business mojo on fire for the coming year.

What is it all for?  Where would you like to go?  And how do you start to get there?


Image source: Paul Jarvis via Unsplash

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