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Trust is paramount…


Got your e-book all read last night and overall I love it. For someone who only has a personal FB presence and I have looked at Pinterest but don’t use it, I thought it was simple but with enough detail to get the ball rolling on all the social media sites.

I like that without nagging, you stressed the most pivotal thing about social media is trust! I do read a lot of blogs and FB pages and some people just really don’t get that.

I also love that you give examples for everything and they are your own. You are willing to share your own successes and I find that inspiring.

It does make me feel that I could go and start sharing a business on any of these sites without fear!

~ Sharon Barrett – Shazz B Art


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Jess Van Den is the editor of Create & Thrive, and has been a full-time creative entrepreneur since 2010. She makes eco-conscious, contemporary, handmade sterling silver jewellery under the Epheriell label, and blogs about her jewellery and other beautiful things at You can catch her on twitter @JessVanDen.