starryI think SHIFT is the perfect course for anyone who has already established their business but needs to raise it to the next level, and I don’t think it matters if you sell handmade, vintage, or supplies because the course covers how to completely review your business as it is now, and how to shift it to where you want it to be.

I really appreciated using the course to incorporate change so that I am ready for increased sales – becoming more efficient with bookkeeping and even managing and shipping orders is something that a business needs to cope with growth, otherwise what is the point of having that dream spree of sales if you can’t handle it.

I also think other creative business owners will love the other course elements like creating or reviewing their business plan in a manner that’s not daunting, or creating their branding and cohesive shop style.

I also used the course to take the plunge into an area I’d been dreaming about (and dithering over) for a long time – at least two years of my life had been spent wanting to get my original photography in store as postcard and gift tag sets.

First I dithered about whether to put it in my existing store, Starzyia, then I thought no go separate, then realized I’d have to register another business name, more dithering between options, and finally Etsy introduced a formal application to have outside printers used and that effected me…. Two years and I hadn’t decided how to handle my dream product, or even had any of the product produced!

When I signed up for SHIFT – before I even started – I ordered my first postcard designs to be printed because I knew I would make a decision one way or another, and I’m delighted to say that they arrived during the course and I began to offer them in my original Starzyia stores online, and at market.

I could not be happier with finally achieving this task that I had over-complicated and gotten bogged down in.

Starry Raston

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