ProfileWandaHallAs a new seller, I had a list longer than my arm of things I needed to do to set up online and I really wasn’t sure where to start to bring it all together.

This is where Set Up Shop really works!

Every lesson follows on from the next in a coherent and cohesive whole, making the whole process make sense. The course covers EVERYTHING you need and some gems of advice which you probably didn’t think you needed to think about.

Although I haven’t completed all the steps yet, I do know that I’ve come amazingly far in just 30 days: I have a name, a brand, a story, a tag line, a logo, I’ve shaped my product, created new products, I’ve opened on Etsy, I have a website, I have a FB page and a social media & marketing plan!!

I knew I could find all the information out myself but, believe me, doing this course will save you days of research. I am one of those for whom the course has been the push to finally open up shop online so Big Thanks, Jess!

Wanda Hall – King and Morris

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