deniseHow to Sell More at Markets and Shows was a great tool to add to any indie crafters’ arsenal.

It is full of inspiring, easy to implement and thought provoking ideas.  I have never sold at a market, but I have gone to many yarn/fiber events big and small and I will always give my money to those sellers that seem to want to sell me their product.

What a difference just a few simple steps can make!  The included worksheets are a great way to really get focused and see who exactly your target customer is.  I love that this course isn’t intimidating and makes the idea of selling at a market less daunting.  I had fun filling out the worksheets and learning more about myself, my customer and my brand.

This 14-day course is a great jumping off point for those who are new to selling at markets and a great refresher of successful habits for indie crafters who are already selling in markets.

Even after working in retail for years, I learned new things to help create the kind of atmosphere that will help sell my product and keep me relaxed, having fun and ultimately selling my product.

Denise Cole

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