Dani Killick
Jess, You are AMAZING!!!! Thank-you so much for such an insightful and useful critique. I didn’t realise it was going to be so detailed. Thank-you!!! I’ve just sat down to update my shop after 3 weeks of holidays  and I couldn’t be more inspired to keep working on my Etsy shop with the help of your feedback.

Having access to the Facebook group has been so motivational & what a great way to create an ongoing support network. Thank-you again!

I think the most exciting and surprising lesson learnt from your course was the ability to break down some limitations that I had put on my business. Creating designs that I could reproduce really scared me & I think I was avoiding this next step for all the wrong reasons.

Soooooo….I just designed my first range of scarves that I can reproduce and I’ve had an amazing response. Thanks for helping me get over this fear!!! 🙂

Dani Killik

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