annaigTaking good product photos has been a bit of a struggle for me for a little while. I got a decent camera and have a set up I am pretty happy with but some days I will get great photos and other times they are all yellowish or blueish. Now I know why,  I know how to fix it and actually did just that!

The guide is really easy to read and understand. Maybe it was just me losing something in translation from my camera manual but it never really explained how to do things and only gave minimal explanations on the symbols and settings.

This afternoon after reading the Product Photography e-book I went over my set up and the way I normally use my camera. In about 30 minutes I tried a couple of settings as suggested in the guide to trouble shoot my issues with lighting (happy to report it is now completely fixed) and as a bonus I have a couple of options of depth of field to choose from because now I know what that means and can use it!

I thought the e-book may be mainly about the various types of cameras and technical aspect of taking good photos – but I was wrong. The chapter on how to set up your products with the right background and environment was a real eye opener. Of course I have thought about it before taking my photos but never in so much detail. The photos used in this section are excellent illustrations of the wide variety of sets that can be used for product photo from big life size items to little detailed jewellery image.

The extensive FAQ sections is also really interesting because Jeffrey answers a lot of questions about all aspects of products photography. It covers a large range of materials from jewellery to quilts to getting a sense of scale of your items.

I may sound a little over enthusiastic about it but I am so happy to have finally got the answers to the problems I have had with my products photos!

For a change I am really looking forward to re-photographing all my products and update my online shops because I know it will make a big difference and that very soon I will be happy with my photos.

Annaig Bidan ~ Annaig’s Gemstudio

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