testimonial - tigI joined the Set Up Shop course because I wanted to start a new business. While I knew in my head everything that I had to do I kind of stalled mentally because I didn’t know where I should start.
I saw the course promoted a fair bit through social media and looked at it a few times but I wasn’t sure I was ready to go through the emotion of putting my creations out there.

The day the course signup closed things really clicked for me, I heard how many other people were in the course, I knew Jess’ story (I’d been a Twitter follower and reader of hers for a while), and I realised my main work for the next month was going to be quiet so I could sit down and really focus on it. I think I signed up about an hour before closing time.

I am so glad I did.

Jess’ emails every day provided a little chunk of the puzzle to be organised without having to worry if I should be focusing on something else. The Facebook group was amazing, bouncing ideas off each other, as well as huge support and encouragement.
While I’m still working through some areas of my products I am able to refer to the emails and Facebook group to keep me on track.

Thanks again!

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