testimonial - lindsayI have been researching business advice for over 3 years. I had already found a lot of the information you offered in the class. I just couldn’t figure out how to implement it and in what order.
Also, you have the issue of “expert” advice from people whose products and venues are nowhere near what you need advice on. And all Etsy based advice was given by people who shrugged while giving it. Not very encouraging.

I was familiar with Epheriell from very early on after launch and bespoke was a favorite zine. I “knew” you and knew your story. When you launched C&T I jumped on it. I knew, if Jess was giving business advice, it was smart to listen. Which made signing up for your flagship class an even easier decision. A no-brainer. I even spent money I didn’t really having during a time when I really needed it.

I may not be running full steam ahead with the info shared in the Set Up Shop course. But I now know what mistakes I’m making and feel knowledge (or how to implement it) is no longer the problem. The problem now is how to organize my time and resources to take full advantage of the (almost) formula I’ve been given.

Thanks Jess. I have enjoyed every minute.

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