Taking Time Out: Just Do It! Your Business Will Thank You





Taking time off helps me realise thatI

The title of this post is really advice I try to give to myself.

Intellectually I understand that it’s critical to take time out, time off. That’s how our creative batteries get recharged, and counter-intuitively, how we stay on track.

There are diminishing returns in productivity and creativity by doing, doing, doing all the time. {click to tweet}

But it’s so hard!

There is always stuff that needs to be done. When you’re a one woman creative business, stopping can feel dangerous, like everything will come to a grinding halt.

I’ve noticed a funny thing though; there is a perverse kind of momentum in stopping and letting go.

This past weekend I was at a wellness hotel with a few girlfriends. I logged out and shut down. I came back to a mini sales boom! Could it be the universe was telling me something?

I have also been experimenting with logging off and no screen time from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

When I actually do it I’m amazed by how ‘time rich’ I feel. When resisting the  impulse to check Pinterest, or email or fulfill an order I see that there is time to leisurely read a book, take my time to cook a nice meal, or just do nothing at all.

Taking time off helps me realize that I have more time than I think.{click to tweet}

My goal is to one day go totally Euro and take the entirety of August off. I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I know when I do it will be glorious!


Do you struggle with taking time out from your business? How do you manage it?


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I should try logging off for the week end too. It is so easy to get tied up reading emails, feeds I subscribe to and yes scrolling pintrest for inspiration instead of just doing things

Eleanor Mayrhofer

Another added benefit is that it makes you realize that you actually *do* have time, being online all the time just makes it feel like you don’t. That’s my experience, anyway.


Absolutely true. It can be so addictive to be connected and ‘on’ ALL the time!

What say you?