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Registration is now OPEN for the very first class of SHIFT – my new e-course for creative business owners.


*Pops party poppers, cheers, lights a sparkler…*


I am SO excited to finally be getting this course out into the world! The idea for it came mid-last year when I’d run the first session of Set Up Shop. The feedback from students was so positive – they loved the course content and the delivery structure and especially the Facebook group with daily promps. After that course finished, some got in touch to ask me ‘what’s next’?

Well, I know it’s been a while, but SHIFT is ‘what’s next’.

Honestly, the idea for a ‘follow-up’ style course to Set Up Shop – a course for those who are past the ‘beginner’ stage and are more in the ‘intermediate’ stage of business – has been percolating for a long time. But, I had so many things I wanted to address – not to mention this last year has been the best ever for Epheriell, which has kept Nick and I pretty darn busy – that I just couldn’t grasp exactly what I wanted to offer and how to bring it all together.

For me, a course has to have a name, a concept, before I can move forward with it. So, when the word ‘shift’ popped into my head a few months back, I could have shouted ‘eureka!’.

From there, the concept of shifting gears – and hence, a virtual road trip – came into being, and the course rapidly formed itself in my brain.

SHIFT is a course for those who are already well and truly on the road to business success.

You’ve got the business, you’ve got the basics sorted: you’ve made some sales, connected with customers, worked hard to get to where you are. You’re already convinced that you CAN make it happen – but you feel a little stagnant, a little lost, a little overwhelmed.

You’re not quite sure that that your car is on the right road, heading to the right destination. You’re not sure which route to take – or which highlights to stop at on the way.

You know you can’t do and see everything on your journey – so you need help working through the process of getting clear on which sights are the right ones for you, and how to fit them into your schedule.

Heck, honestly, you might not even be sure you’ve got the right car for the trip!


SHIFT will help you with all this and more.

It’s broken up into 4 weeks of lessons that take you through 4 aspects of your business.


Week 1: The Road Map – Where you’re going.

We focus on the ‘bigger picture’ – things like your core values, business/brand story, niche clarification, and business planning.


Week 2: Packing the Car – Have you got the right stuff for your trip?

We look at the nitty-gritty details of your business – do you have the right products/branding/copy/tools/pricing/etc. in place to move in the right direction and tell your story clearly to reach your ideal customers?


Week 3: The Trip Plan – How are you going to spend your time?

This week’s all about time management. Do you have the right systems/processes/support structure in place to maintain and grow your business the way you want to?


Week 4: The Slideshow – How are you going to tell your story to those who want to hear it?

Marketing is what this week is all about. By this point, you’ve crystallised your story, revamped your time management, gotten the details right – so it’s time to get the word out in an intelligent, non-time-wasting and targeted fashion. We’re focussing on customer communication, PR, visual marketing, and giveaways with a lesson devoted to using Instagram strategically.

SHIFT is specifically geared for handmade business owners who sell primarily online. Alternatively, you do at least sell online, even if you focus on wholesale or markets. It will also be valuable for artists, designers, vintage sellers, OR those who have a creative service-based business.

Early bird registrations – those who sign up within the first 24 hours – also get a bonus – a copy of the ‘Break it Down: Get it Done’ business worksheets by Elle Roberts of Studio Exsto (who is one of the guest teachers in the course). These worksheets aim to help you break down big tasks into small, manageable steps to ensure you get them done.


To register for the September class, click here.


Registration is open now, and closes Sunday the 31st of August at 9am AEST. (That’s Saturday night for those of you in the States + Canada.) The course kicks off September first and runs for the whole 30 days of the month.


If you’re joining us – see you in the course!

Jess xx

P.S. Past Set Up Shop students – make sure to check the SuS Facebook group before you buy! 

P.P.S. If you have any questions about the course, I’m going to be holding a live Q&A chat on Google Hangouts on Wednesday 11am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I’ll be there for half an hour answering any questions you have about the course.

If you can’t make it at that time, please just leave any questions you have in the comments below, and I’ll endeavour to answer them for you.

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