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Happy Day, Thrivers!


Our flagship e-course,

Set Up Shop,

is running again starting February 1st, and

registration is now open.


If you haven’t heard about Set Up Shop yet – it’s a 30-day e-course to help you craft your shop from ‘Go’ to ‘WHOA’. Click here for all the course details.

Set Up Shop ran 3 times last year, and we now have hundreds of alumni who have worked through the course and taken their online shops to a whole new level.

Before I go on, I’m excited to share a little bonus I wrangled for you.  I am pleased as punch announce that my lovely friend Karen of build a little biz (This site/resource is no longer available) is gifting all early-bird subscribers with a FREE copy of her fab workbook – “Get Unstuck! 59 biz building ideas that you can take action on right now.”


Everyone who registers for Set Up Shop in the next 48 hours will get a copy of this awesome 167 page e-book, worth $33.


I’ll be sending it to your inbox along with your registration confirmation and ‘thank you’ email, so you’ll have a little something to get you in the biz-building mood before class starts!


So, what’s your investment?

Silver Membership to the course

(the most affordable tier)

                                                                         is only $85.

Why so cheap? As I always say – I don’t believe in charging hundreds of dollars for this course, because I want to make it affordable to everyone! There are 2 other course tiers available for those of you who want that bit more guidance and support (though spots in those levels are limited!).


But enough from me. I could rabbit on for hours about what I believe the benefits of this course are… but I think it’s more valuable to you to hear from someone just like you who decided to invest in the Set Up Shop course.


So, I’m honoured to introduce one of our Set Up Shop Alumni to you: Carolyn Jankovskis of Venus Velvet.


After working through Set Up Shop, Carolyn has seen a HUGE difference in her sales. Her new branding is gorgeous, her new photos are stunning, and the changes she made to her shop throughout the course have paid off in spades. But I’ll shut up and let her tell her story in her own words…


Signing up for this course was the best decision I have made for my business.

Prior to taking the Set Up Shop course I had been selling my illustrations on kid’s tee’s in a couple of boutiques, but my Etsy shop that had been open for nearly a year was a flop.

At that time I was nearly paralyzed with the fear of making yet another investment in time, money and energy that would not pay off.

I had tried every bit of advice I could find, both from the web and from friends, but nothing seemed to be working. The promise of a daily email with action steps to follow from someone who I admired and was running a successful business was like a dream come true.

By day 2 I had already made a big change. Jess taught me how to evaluate my current product for profitability and success. I started fresh with a new product and with a clear direction.

It was like starting from scratch but this time there was a yellow brick road to follow and a solid foundation to build upon.


venus velvet 2

One of Carolyn’s new product photos…

The daily e-mails broke the work down into manageable steps that were easy to follow, made sense and felt accomplish able within the time I had available to me.

There’s also a terrific community of Set Up Shop participants and graduates in the Facebook group. Wonderful people that were always there to help me troubleshoot and bounce ideas off of, and for me to offer help and suggestions when others were in need.

Set Up Shop gave me the tools to succeed. Thank you Jess!”


Thank YOU so much for sharing this with us, Carolyn! You can read exactly how much Carolyn’s sales improved over on the course page.


Other Set Up Shop Alumni have also shared their stories on the blog:


If you have any questions about the course after reading through the course info page, please just ask in the comments below, or shoot me an email.

And remember – make sure to register in the next 48 hours if you want a free copy of Karen’s awesome workbook!

Fellow Aussies – have a fabulous Australia Day this weekend! Everyone else, just have a fab weekend in general, and I’ll be in touch again soon.

Register for Set Up Shop now

Jess x

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