Perseverance and Navigating Obstacles


Planning for perseverance is as easy as taking a few moments to think about what you would do if you hit a brick wall in your biz.

Imagine scenarios in your creative business that could occur at some point and know how to react so you don’t hit panic when something doesn’t go to plan.

Because, to be honest, it rarely ever does!

Below are five things to consider as ways of helping yourself persevere when all seems lost.

I can confidently say that ALL people who start a creative business will need perseverance at the top of their skills list.


How to Avoid a Brick Wall


1. Focusing on the end goal is the best way to persevere. It is so easy to get lost and lose sight of the reasons you started your creative journey.

Having a clear picture of your end goal while keeping in mind that there will always be obstacles and detours will help you from feeling dread when something doesn’t work as expected.


2. Recognising that there will be obstacles is important… but so is actually recognising one when it arises and facing it head-on. Sometimes a change off-course can feel like a huge burden or an end to your dream.

Take a moment to feel the emotions, recognise that what is in front of you is not the end of your creative career but instead, just an obstacle or a detour on your journey. The path to success is not straight and smooth.


3. There will always be another way! There are always alternatives to choose.

Family, finances, health, and weather will constantly affect your creative business. You have minimal control over these external influences so learn to swing with the punches. You will find a way if you really want to.


4. Sometimes these obstacles are easy to work with and a quick decision will solve it. Other times there will be obstacles that seem impossible. Ones that make you tired, restless and fearful for the future of your creative business.

Always take the time to think back to why you started on the creative journey and what you set out to achieve. If you need to take a break, it will still be there! Find your inner strength to make it through these times and come out the other side even more determined than before.


5. Really this is one of the most important factors. Staying healthy in mind and body through the good times will give you strength to make it through the harder times.

Take time for yourself, nurture your relationships, rest, drink tea, practice yoga, meditate or whatever it is that keeps you feeling your best and you will find the hard times don’t have to be as hard as they may seem.



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