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[157] Leverage your Etsy Shop with Danielle Spurge


Want to get featured in a big magazine or online publication? Making sure your Etsy shop is top-notch is a great first step.

My own jewellery has been picked up and featured on Buzzfeed, Ring to Perfection, and in many other places, but that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t put in the work to have eye-catching product photos.

Of course, that’s only part of the story – and my guest today, Danielle Spurge of the Merriweather Council has got plenty of experience and knowledge to share with you on this topic.

She’s been featured in stacks of places, and in this episode she’s sharing her advice on how to leverage your Etsy shop OFF Etsy to get seen and grow your business.



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Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • The traffic you generate on Etsy is not just buyers.
  • “Influencers, big names, media outlets and buyers don’t search google, they go straight to Etsy. If you’re not on Etsy you’re missing out” {Jess}
  • Danielle worked hard to optimise her store for influencers, big store buyers and media as well as buyers.
  • “News outlets need content to share and Etsy is a hot bed of cool and interesting things” {Danielle}
  • A media opportunity can change the game for a small business.
  • Danielle shares a story about the Gilmore Girls and how this increased exposure of a product.
  • Jess shares a story about the longevity of sales from a media feature.
  • “You’ve got to have it sorted – have your products looking great and ready to pick up” {Jess}
  • Use your shop like a portfolio and have images and content ready to share by influencers and media outlets.
  • “No one is going to want to feature a shop that is half-empty or incomplete” {Danielle}
  • If you are interested in collaborations be aware these take longer to arrange and you will need to have a body of work that works as a showcase of your work.
  • Turn around for items needed for a photo shoot is often short. If an opportunity comes up you will need to turn production and shipping around very quickly.
  • “You want to take advantage of an opportunity if it comes up. You don’t want to have to turn it down because you didn’t know or don’t have what they need” {Danielle}
  • “If you want to make a long reaching wide PR strategy you do have to work for it but sometimes they come to you” {Jess}


156: You Don’t Have to Market the Way Everybody Else Does! {Members-Only}

In this members-only episode, I outline why you need to work out the marketing strategy that suits you, and your business… rather than doing what works for others!

I share a couple of stories from my own businesses to illustrate the point – for example, for my own jewellery business, my mailing list and social media aren’t a big part of my marketing… what?! Yep – and I’ll explain why, and what I do instead.

If you’re unsure of what marketing strategies and avenues would suit you best, this episode will give you some food for thought that will help you get clearer on what will work, and what won’t.

P.S. If you’re not already a Thriver Circle member, the $1/7-day trial offer is still available – but only for 2 more days!


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[155] Magnetic Marketing with Shannon Bush

Does your marketing copy sometimes just feel a bit… blah?

Like – you’re not quite sure what to say to really explain how awesome your product actually is?

In this episode, you’ll learn a key tactic that will make your product descriptions SO much more powerful and persuasive – and it’s called the benefit statement.

My guest today is Shannon Bush, who has been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years, helping them overhaul their messaging and grow their reach.

In this episode, we talk about her concept of magnetic, or ‘lean in’ marketing – how to draw people to you rather than pushing them away with shouty marketing tactics – and we go in-depth on the process of crafting a benefit statement for your products and business.

So get your notebook ready, and prepare to create powerful product descriptions that will tap into the wants and needs of your ideal customer, and get you more sales!

(P.S. I totally used Shannon’s tactic to write that last sentence…)



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Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • You are never done with business – there are always new things to learn and try.
  • Magnetic marketing is about finding your own magnetism and creating an approach that is genuine to who you are.
  • Aim to create the “lean in effect” where people want to engage with you, find out more about your products and are drawn to you and your story.
  • Take the extra time and effort to connect with your customers and build a relationship.
  • “People buy from people – remember the human element” {Shannon}
  • Your marketing helps people understand what you sell and why they should select you rather than others in the same field.
  • Jess recommends the book “The Fortune Cookie Principle” by Bernadette Jiwa
  • “The descriptions of what you sell are critical” {Shannon}
  • Each of your products has a why. Consider why you started making, why you chose those components, why you designed your product this way.
  • “People do invest based on that perceived benefit” {Shannon}
  • When writing product descriptions outlines its features and then outline the benefits. This is wordier but it provides customers with why they need this product in their lives.
  • “Just because you are making something that doesn’t have a practical purpose doesn’t mean that people don’t need it in their lives” {Jess}
  • Use the language customers are leaving in reviews for your products to help shape your benefits text.
  • Linking statements are the words between the list of features and the list of benefits that provide extra dynamism. Examples include “so you can”, “allowing you to” and “reminding you that”.
  • With descriptions, remember to speak to the person directly and use “I” and “you” not “we” and “they”.
  • Magnetic marketing can feel very easy because you get to be “you”. Be genuine, build relationships and keep it real.



#MakingItPodcourse: Wrap-Up, Reflection, & a Special Offer!

And so we reach the end of our journey – the final episode of the #MakingItPodcourse!

In this wrap-up I encourage you to reflect on the key takeaways of the last 4 weeks, and work out actionable steps you can take moving forward to improve your business.

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What is the Making It Podcourse?

Over four weeks in July 2018, I’ll be releasing an episode/lesson of this course every day via the Create & Thrive Podcast (30 in total) on the topics of mindset, money, marketing, and business management.

I’ve created this course specifically for makers – those who create handmade goods to sell.

To create this FREE course, I’ve drawn on my 10 years of experience running my own successful handmade business, coupled with over 5 years of teaching other makers about handmade business right here at Create & Thrive.

I wanted to create something that was actionable and practical for all makers, no matter what stage of business you are at, and that would allow you to dig deep into 4 key aspects of the crafty biz journey.

I hope it helps your handmade business to thrive!

If you want to take your learning to the next level, the course conversation is happening daily over in my private membership community for makers – the Thriver Circle.

You can find out more about the oodles of benefits of membership right here.

Jess x

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