Thriver Circle Membership is Going Up to $29 p/m on April 1st.


When I started the Thriver Circle over 3 years ago, with just 3 workshops and no courses, I deliberately decided to make it affordable.

I had big plans to deliver value to members: but I also wanted to make membership as accessible as possible to as many people as I could.

Since then, the price of membership has been just $15 AUD per month.

Fast-forward to now, and so much has changed!


New members these days get access to:


  • 30 video workshops on handmade business topics,
  • 2 courses (Handmade Biz Bootcamp & Your Year to Thrive),
  • A strong, supportive community of over 450 makers,
  • Live calls, mastermind videos, and chats with me every month,
  • A new members-only podcast every month, plus access to all the previous premium episodes,
  • Monthly group projects,
  • Access to a huge library of recorded business coaching calls,
  • And more…


To reflect the immense value new members receive when they join, I am raising the price of membership as of April 1st.


The price will be going up from $15 to $29 per month.


If you are a current member, or you join before April 1st? You will LOCK IN the current super-low price of $15 per month for as long as you remain a member!


So, if it’s time to get the support and guidance you need to turn your handmade hobby into a thriving, profitable business, don’t wait.


Join the Thriver Circle today:


Long-term member Stacey Howard of Max & Me Designs says of her time in the Circle:


“I’ve been a member of the Thriver Circle for a few years now and the knowledge I have learnt from the workshops, podcasts and monthly challenges has been pivotal in the growing success of my business.

When running your own business there is always something that can be improved or further developed, and the resources that Jess to members provides the perfect framework for every handmade business owner’s needs, no matter whether you’re just starting out or have an established business.

Everything is presented in an easy to follow format with clear actionable steps.

I view my membership in the Thriver Circle as an investment in myself, after all the most important part of your business is you!”


Join the Thriver Circle now:



[140] Goal Setting Do’s and Don’ts for your Business (Member-Exclusive Episode)


In this member-exclusive podcast episode, I outline a whole bunch of do’s and don’ts for goal setting.

I hope this helps you think about the process of setting goals for your business, so that you can set goals that are actionable, achieveable, and realistic.


>>Become a member of the Thriver Circle and listen to the full episode right now.<<


Listen to the Intro:


[139] How Max & Me Became a Smashing Success with Stacey Howard


I’m so excited to share this episode with you!

I invited today’s guest – Stacey Howard – on the show to share her business journey – because I’ve been watching her progress since she took my Set Up Shop course back in 2013.

Since then, she’s built a 6-figure handmade business – all while having and raising her 2 kids.

Stacey is a brilliant example of how hard work, dedication, and tenacity can pay off, and she has SO much wisdom to share with you today.

Enjoy this episode!

If you want to kick-start your own online shop to sell your handmade creations (or, overhaul the one you already have) Set Up Shop is open for new enrolments right now!

Class starts on March 12 – find out more here.






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Quotes and Highlights in this episode:

  • Stacey’s business focus has shifted and refined over the years.
  • “My business evolved by following what my customers actually needed and what they were actually looking for” {Stacey}
  • By minimising one of a kind items, Stacey was able to free up significant amounts of time, energy and stock to focus on other aspects of growing her business.
  • Different products perform well in different spaces. Stacey’s postage stamp jewellery performed well at markets but were slower to sell online whereas her customisable cufflinks and jewellery perform best online.
  • The turning point in Stacey’s business was a large pricing restructure that included free postage as part of the price increase.
  • “If you have more higher priced items you will sell more of your mid-point items” {Stacey}
  • Increasing the prices of your products can be difficult but it is important to remember you are not necessarily your target market.
  • Give your new pricing structure time to bed down. It will take a little while to see results.
  • Provide your mailing list with advance notice of your price increase to build and sustain good will.
  • “You are making a beautiful product – don’t undersell yourself” {Stacey}
  • “Nobody is paying anywhere as much attention to your business as you are” {Jess}
  • The driver and source of your sales may shift and change over the years.
  • “You have to keep learning because if you don’t you will be left behind” {Stacey}
  • Consider outsourcing aspects of your life to free up time for you to work on your business.
  • “What activity (to outsource) will bring you the best return on investment?” {Jess}
  • Stacey’s tip for markets is to put your phone down and engage with each person who comes to your stall. They may not buy from this time but you are building a brand.
  • See Stacey’s work on her website: Max & Me Designs



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