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Morning all!

I’m suffering from the dreaded lurgy today, so my brain is not exactly in prime ‘answering questions in an in-depth, no-nonsense, and thorough matter’ mode, (plus Nick is harassing me and telling me to go back to bed).


I thought I’d do a call-out for questions for our Friday Q&A posts. I’ve got a couple still lined up to answer, but more is better, because I know you’ve got them, and I want to answer them 🙂

If you’ve got a burning question you’re happy to ask publicly, please just leave it in the comments of this post. If you’ve got a more sensitive question that you’d like to ask me privately (I’m happy to keep you anonymous when I answer your question) just shoot it to me via email – jessica AT

Have an ace weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

5 Tips On Setting Up A Referral Program for Your Business

This is a guest post by Ashley Griffith.

When we started The Gnarly Whale, we didn’t have a solid marketing plan set up. Sales would fluctuate from nothing to more than we could handle on a regular basis. A random review, or a mention on a bigger site, or even a smaller celebrity getting their hands on our products was usually the cause. And while we loved the high sales volume when it happened, it wasn’t the perfect way to run a business. It wasn’t intentional which made it impossible to anticipate our sales or the supplies needed. And we’d go from feeling ho-hum about our business to pulling our hair out because we couldn’t keep up.

We knew something had to change. We knew we needed a strategic marketing plan that kept steady sales and prevented us from the rollercoaster of a ride we’d been on. Unfortunately for us, anything expensive wasn’t an option yet as we were still a relatively new small business. Our only option was to figure out an inexpensive yet beneficial marketing plan, if one of those even existed.

About this same time, I saw a pattern with our customer notes. Customers would say “so and so referred me” or “my sister sent me this product and I love it so much I wanted to get more.” It didn’t take much for us to realize that our customers were by far our best, and most under-utilized, marketing team. They were already doing the job we needed to do without any incentive other than a love for our products. I couldn’t help but wonder what they would do if they had an incentive.

So began the idea for a referral program.

Referral - Header

Today I wanted to share with you five tips on creating a referral program for your business today because it is by far one of the most valuable tools that we have for our business.

Not only is it inexpensive, easy to set-up and manage, and a great way to track your sales – it’s the perfect way to reward your customers that are promoting you.

After having it for even a few short months, I don’t think I could ever justify not having one (in some shape or form) for our business. And if you need an idea for how mine is setup, you can view it here.


1.  Promote the heck out of it. There is no point in creating a referral program, linking to it on the sidebar of your blog, and waiting for the people to come rolling in.

If you want people to be promoting your brand or your products, you have to let them know why they should AND what’s in it for them. Shout it from your social media rooftops, write a blog post about it, tell your friends and family about it, mention it to customers you speak with, and include a note about it in all of your outgoing packages.

Make sure that there is absolutely no reason that anyone looking at your shop, using your products, or even knows you’re a business owner wouldn’t know about the program. Just remember: the more you put into this, the more you will receive from it. Because the more people that know about it, the more people you can reach.


2. Keep your information organized. There’s a lot of tracking that goes on with this program. The initial information, the setup of referral codes, the sales that come in with the referral codes, and the reward thresholds.

If you don’t have a way to keep track of this information, it can be incredibly daunting. We setup the program using a contact form plugin through WordPress on our blog.

The customer fills out the information and it’s submitted to us via email. Then, we plug all of the information into an Excel spreadsheet and send the customer their referral code. In the spreadsheet, there’s cells for tracking all of their information and the purchases that they bring in. This way, we have everything we need in one document whenever anything needs to be updated.


3. Make sure it’s worthwhile for everyone. This means you, your customer, AND the potential customers that they are hopefully referring.

You need to ensure that you aren’t going to lose a ton of money through the program, that the customer has a solid incentive to promote your brand, and that the person they are referring has incentive to use their code. We set specific thresholds for certain products and specific order amounts that would qualify as a referral order to ensure that we wouldn’t lose too much money.

We set our free product tiers that went from least expensive to the most expensive so that the customer would be encouraged to refer more people. Lastly, we decided to offer a free item to anyone that used a referral code to encourage the people that are referred to us to actually tell us that someone sent them over. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone by covering all three groups.


4. Set standards and don’t budge on them. This one can be a hard one for people that aren’t accustomed to saying no and/or want to do everything that they can to please their customers.

Despite how hard it may be . . . it will save you many future headaches if you set the rules in the beginning and stick to them. Set order minimums, set rules on orders (such as a referral code has to be included in the notes), require your customers to keep you up-to-date on personal information changes, etc.

Put some of the responsibility on them to follow the rules. Your job is to provide them with the opportunity to promote your products with this – not micro-manage them. Even if they ask you to bend the rules – just this one time – you need to stick with whatever you set up in the beginning.

It may sound harsh, but it’s the only way that you’ll keep a successful program running. Because one time can turn into two times, then five times, and then their best friend wants the same exceptions. Trust your gut with whatever you decide in the beginning and make it clear that there aren’t any exceptions.


5. Plan to follow through or don’t do it at all. This one may sound like common sense, but it’s truly important when you’re working so closely with your customers.

Someone that signs up for a referral program most likely has people they want to share things with. Good deals, promotions, awesome products – you name it, they have friends and family they are waiting to share with. That’s the good part of it.

The tough part of it is that these people are equally as likely to share their bad experiences with those friends and family. And if they have a bad experience with your referral program, you can bet that they will share that with them, which completely defeats the purpose of it and has negative impact on your brand. So if you set-up the program, know you have the means to provide the customers with rewards for their help and know that you’ll do it in a timely manner. Know that you can keep their information organized and know that you’ll be able to easily provide information to people about the program whenever they ask it.

* Bonus! Although not required, give ideas to your customers on ways to promote your brand/products! Offer them images, promotional codes that they and/or their friends and family they refer can use, product selling suggestions, etc. Most of us are not born salespeople so the more ideas you give them, the more likely they are to help spread the word!

Referral - Biz Card

Have you set up a referral program for your business?

What are your tips for managing a successful one?



Ashley Griffith is blogger turned business owner.

She co-owns The Gnarly Whale – an all vegan, minimal-ingredient eco-friendly bath and body shop – and spend her days experimenting with new ingredients, new scent combinations, and new product ideas. When she’s not working, you can find her blogging over at After Nine To Five, dreaming of the ocean, and enjoying the great outdoors.


I want to feature YOU on the C&T Facebook page! Here’s how to be part of it…


{image source}

It’s really important to me that Create & Thrive is about something larger than just me and what I can teach you… what I can share with you.

I want this place to be for, and about, YOU.

I want C&T to be a community of people with a common goal – to take the path less travelled and live a life that allows us to make a living doing work we love.

I want to help you and your business grow.

I want to put you centre stage.

I want to help you get your name out there!

So… I’ve come up with a bit of a fun way to do just that 🙂

I want to feature you + your work on the C&T Facebook Page Cover!

Here’s how we’re gonna do it.

  1. Choose a photo to share with us. It needs to feature your product, your workspace, and/or you. Any of the 3 is fine, though obviously if it’s a photo of you, it’s good if you’ve got your product in there too! (Please don’t submit any photos with kids in them unless they’re models in product shots and and you have EXPRESS PERMISSION to share their photo, or they’re your own kids. Ideally, I want photos of the maker – that’s YOU!)

  2. Edit it to the correct facebook cover size – 851px wide by 315px high. You can do this easily online using PicMonkey.

  3. Email the photo to me (jessica AT is the best email to use). In your email, include your name, the name of your business, a link to your website/shop, and a short blurb about what you do (no more than one paragraph). This info will go up with your photo.

  4. Keep an eye out on the C&T Facebook Page for your image to be featured! The timeframe of image rotations will depend on how many submissions I get.

Please make sure you pick an AWESOME photo. If you send me a photo that I don’t think is up to scratch, I’ll email you back and let you know.

Here’s an example of one of my photos that I’ve got up there at the moment.

Jess Working

Now, this is from a professional photo shoot, so I don’t expect yours to be quite as awesomely lit (I know I couldn’t get a photo that good on my own!) but it needs to be bright, beautiful, crisp, and have good contrast.

I plan on making this an ongoing thing if you guys are keen!

Also, please don’t hesitate to send in a few different images – I’ll either choose my favourite, or hold on to them and feature them spread out over time.

If you like this idea, please let me know in the comments below, and share it with your peeps – I’d love to feature as many people as possible!


In Brisbane? Come to one of my crafty biz workshops or talks in May – first one this Thursday!

brisstyle talk gidget dress

{me talking it up at a BrisStyle Creative Info Session}

If you live in or near Brisbane, and you’d like to learn with me in-person, you’ve got oodles of opportunities coming up in May!

Some are free sessions, some are Master Classes with a small cost, and all of them will be jam-packed with info to help you grow your creative business. All these sessions are hosted by BrisStyle – the most excellent craft collective in the world, in my humble opinion.

ALL of them require you to book, and the Master Classes have very limited numbers – so if you see something that you know you need, make sure to book a spot pronto…

Here’s what you’ve got to choose from:

May 2nd – Social Media Master Class

What: This four-hour intensive session will focus solely on Social Media for promoting your small business. It’s for people who already know the basics, but need to get a cohesive marketing plan together. This instructional session will give you hands-on tips you can apply instantly to take your networking to the next level.

  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently use social media as tools to build trust and relationships with your customers.
  • Learn which tools to use to streamline your social media use, as well as create an integrated plan that uses use instagram/twitter/facebook/pinterest and your blog to build your customer base.

If you’ve been floundering on social media, not quite sure how to harness it to steadily grow your business, this session will help you get focussed and make social media work for you.

Where: Chermside Library, 6:30pm.

Cost: $80 – 4 Hours. Small intensive session with very limited numbers. Bring a tablet or laptop!

Booking Info


May 18th – Social Media Unearthed – Blogging, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest.

What: Get the beginner info on blogging, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and all the latest social media tools to get the word out about your small business.

Where: Kenmore Library, 10am.

Cost: Free – 2 Hours

Booking Info


May 24th – Social Media Snapshot – Facebook + Pinterest

What: I’ll share my top tips for using Facebook and Pinterest to market your craft business. What should you be sharing? How can you build your audience? Learn how to spend time, not money, building your business in this session.

Where: Brisbane Square Library, 6pm.

Cost: Free – 1 1/2 Hours

Booking Info


May 30th – Building a Website & Blog Master Class

What: This four hour intensive session will focus solely on building a website or blog for your small business.

In this hands-on session, I’ll take you through the basic steps of setting up a blog/website as you follow along instantly on your own laptops or iPads etc. This is a session not to be missed – you’ll walk away with all the knowledge you need to run a basic blog/website (including shopping cart!).

We will be using WordPress as the base software for the class – you can choose to use the free version (, OR buy hosting and a domain and set up on your own piece of internet real estate. I’ll also teach you how to set up a shop on your site (using software that is free to start with at a basic level).

Where: Chermside Library, 6:30pm.

Cost: $80 – 4 Hours.  Small intensive session with very limited numbers. Bring a tablet or laptop!

Booking Info


It’s going to be a big month – I hope to see you at one of the sessions. Make sure to introduce yourself and let me know you’re a C&T reader!

The Annual Birthday Sale! All C&T Guides 1/2 Price + More…

Create Thrive Birthday Sale

Hey there, guess what? It’s my birthday!!

I am the ripe old age of 32 today 🙂

And you know what that means, right?

Yep, it’s time for my annual birthday sale – which means rather large discounts for you.

Why do I do this?

Well, I like celebrating my birthday by giving you something (a discount), and by doing that, you give me something (money and the satisfaction of making another sale. I never cease to get happy feelings whenever someone buys something I’ve made!). Give-give = win-win!

Here’s what’s happening this year:

Create & Thrive Guides – 50% off

Both guides currently available here on Create & Thrive – Etsy Success Stories & How to Run a Rockin’ Mailing List – are half-price from Friday-Sunday only.

If you’ve got a crafty business, and need help to make it grow, both of these guides are for you.

No coupon code required, they are already altered to be half-price – $10 instead of $20 for How to Run a Rockin’ Mailing List, and $8.50 instead of $17 for Etsy Success Stories.

Epheriell Jewellery – 25% off store-wide

This is the ONLY store-wide sale I have all year that’s open to everyone (I sometimes have sales only open to my Silver Service subscribers, but never with such a large discount store-wide).

So, if you’ve had your eye on something, this is the best chance you’ll get till this time next year to make it yours!

Shop on and enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY2013 in the coupon code box on checkout to get your 25% discount.

{Yes, this sale is on in the Etsy shop, too, but stuff costs a few more dollars there due to the exchange rate, so you’re better off shopping at!}

Buy as much as you like, as many times as you like.

Epheriell Earring-of-the-Month-Club

Normal discounts – including the one above – do not apply to Earring-of-the-Month Club membership, as per normal.

HOWEVER – if you buy a 12 month subscription during this birthday sale period, I will give you 15% off the total subscription price! {That’s over $50 off}

Please purchase this through the store separately from any other items, and use the code CLUBSUB2013 to get this special.

Sale runs from midnight Thursday till Sunday night, the 28th of April, midnight, AEST.

There are no extensions, no exceptions, no retroactive discounts on this sale!


Now, it’s time for me to chill out with a good book, but I’ll be keeping an eye on my email throughout today and the rest of the weekend if you have any questions!

I’m looking forward to my special birthday breakfast of homemade waffles, hash browns, bacon and eggs! Mmm… followed by dinner out with friends at a cider bar and restaurant tonight.

Hopefully it will be the best birthday ever!

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