As makers we have lots of physical tools in our studios but for our online business needs, there are some great tools you should look into getting for your virtual toolbox.  I’m constantly looking for new apps and websites to help me work smarter, not harder, and today I wanted to share a new tool that I found.  It looks really cool and I can’t wait to try it out.

Let me introduce you to Stitch Labs!


I heard about Stitch Labs almost a year ago and when it first came out I thought it was simply an online inventory system.  Being at a point where I was making everything to order, I didn’t think I needed an inventory let alone an online one.  Well, times change and so has Stitch Labs.  It’s now so much more than just an inventory system.

Okay, so what does it do?

  • Creates cloud-based inventory systems that can be exported to Google drive or Excel.  This sounds pretty cool, especially if you would like to know how many of each product you have in stores across the country.
  • It syncs with Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify, Storenvy, using Spark Pay, ECWID, or other online platforms to manage your inventory, sales, AND invoices.  Cool, right!?
  • Okay, it gets better because it also creates reports based on all of that data.  I admit that reports sound boring but these ones are super-colorful (which we makers love because we’re such visual people), and it helps you see where and when you’re making money.  No more guessing about which product is your best seller or which online platform sells the most.
  • You can use Stitch Labs to send invoices.  For those of you who wholesale, this is a great function because you can continue to keep everything in one place.

stitch labs

Sounds pretty good right?  Well, there’s one last thing that I know you’ll like: you get to start for free!  Obviously for more bells and whistles, you’ll pay but it’s definitely worth a peek at the free version to see if it helps you feel more decisive and confident in your business.

I’d love to know if you already use Stitch Labs and what you think of it.

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