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Monday Viewing: Ruth Chang – How to Make Hard Choices

Ruth Chang – How to Make Hard Choices from TED

This philosophical TED talk by Ruth Chang really changed the way I think about both what hard choices are and how I make them. Generally we see hard choices as the task of choosing between 2 equal things but what if there was already a right answer? If you reframe how you see your options, you no longer have hard choices to make!

What was the last hard decision you had to make?

~ Megan

Megan Eckman

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Megan Eckman is a quirky pen and ink illustrator who never outgrew her overactive imagination. Her work merges the style of old fairy tale illustrations with modern fantasies.
When she’s not drawing (and giggling all the while), she can be found pacing her apartment writing more stories to go with her artwork.

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