Monday Viewing – Harish Manwani: Profit’s Not Always the Point

Harish Manwani – Profit’s Not Always the Point from TED

This TED talk really drives how that the purpose of your business is SO much bigger than you think. Harish is the COO of Unilever, but you’ll soon learn that the purpose of Unilever is not to make astromical profits from soap. Rather, they mean to save millions of lives and empower women the world over. After watching this talk, I spent a good hour thinking about what the bigger purpose of my business is all about.

So now I want to know: What is the purpose of your business?

~ Megan

Megan Eckman

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G Morgan

I am amazed that that there are no comments here yet, but here goes mine: From Day1, the purpose of my product and my business has been to keep plastic bags out of the waste stream and the landfills. Some plastic can be recycled (bottles etc.), but bags and food wraps are a real problem. I can make a bag that you can take to the grocery store or use to carry your lunch or go to the beach everyday for years, with bags that would normally get stuffed into your trashcan without a thought.
It is my struggle to get my bags and their message of ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ out into the world without conking heads.


“without conking heads” hehe, I think we all know the feeling 🙂

What say you?