{Monday MotiBright} “We need to unplug…” ~ Jonathan Cain

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We get sucked into the Internet and streaming information, and it’s time to just unplug and look within. ~ Jonathan Cain

As you read this, I’m somewhere out there… unplugged.

Tomorrow will be the last day of my first ever digital sabbatical, and as I write this, I’m super-curious to find out what I will take away from my small time of unpluggedness.

Do you ever unplug? Even if just a little while – say, one day on the weekend?

Or are you always connected?

If you do disconnect regularly, what does it give you?

The chance to connect with others in the physical world? Or perhaps the opportunity to sit with yourself and think deeper thoughts than you usually would?

I’d love to hear your experiences…



I hope you’re enjoying your unplugged experience Jess! I think it’s ever-most important these days to unplug from the internet even if it’s just for one day. We’re so connected!
Back in July, I decided to detox completely (no social media at all) for the entire month. It was tough at first but I found it to be the most liberating experience and a chance to reconnect with myself and my own thoughts… Since then, I try my best now to ‘unplug’ – only checking FB once a day, disabling notifications from my phone etc


Hey Naomi, wow, that’s amazing! I really, REALLY enjoyed my short time of being unplugged, but a month is a whole ‘nother level 🙂 I totally agree regarding re-connecting with yourself and your own thoughts – I definitely found that. I also did some non-fiction reading that helped me to consider HOW I worked (my day-to-day task management) and came up with some big revelations and shifts on that.


I find it so hard to unplug from email and social media. Always afraid I’ll miss an opportunity for a joke, a good recipe, a can’t-miss sale, a business opportunity, a product idea. But I realise while I’m chasing those things I’m distracting my time and brain power from my current life and business. Last week, I gave myself a serious talking to and spent the week planning and strategizing my business and my family … ON PAPER! Anyone remember that stuff?!
And yesterday I FORCED myself to plug in a different tool, my IRON. I caught up on my ironing while watching a movie with my husband. It felt like I’d had a week’s holiday! And it reminded me of a previous MotiBright … “if you’re enjoying this race, you’re doing it right!”


Haha, awesome, Louise! 😀 It’s definitely that ‘don’t want to miss anything’ anxiety that drives a lot of social media addiction, I think. I did a lot of writing on paper during my break, too – my notebook got a workout!

What say you?

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