Welcome to C&T Instagram


Are you on Instagram? Hey, us too!

Yep – I’ve just started a brand-new Create & Thrive instagram over here: @CreateandThrive

You might follow me on my personal account (@JessVanDen), but from now on, C&T related posts will be on the new account.

I’ll be sharing daily hits of information and inspiration to help you grow your online handmade business on the new Instagram.

I’ll also be highlighting members of the #CreateThrive community under the hashtag #ThriverSpotlight. AND we’ll have sharing sessions called #CTShopShare where you’ll have the chance to share your shop with the community.

I’m sure we’ll come up with more fun stuff as time goes on, so make sure to join us and be part of it.

Whenever you share anything related to us or the theme of creating and thriving – make sure to @ us and use the hashtag #CreateThrive.

Oh hey – share your IG handle in the comments below, too, so we can all follow each other!




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