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Hey Thriver,

So, remember a while back I mentioned a free bootcamp that was coming your way in 2015? This is it!

I was honoured to be invited by Etsy to co-teach their #EtsyResolution bootcamp for new Australian Etsy sellers alongside the fabulous Clare Bowditch.

It’s a free, 4-week program that will help you open your first Etsy shop – or help you spruce up the shop you already have.

It is aimed and written specifically for Australian sellers, BUT anyone is welcome to join, so my lovely international peeps, don’t hesitate to come on board! The majority of content will be perfectly applicable to you, too.

Each week there is a video with me and Clare, as well as two written lessons. There’s also a Facebook group for participants, where Clare and I (and a number of awesome Etsy admin) will be hanging out during the bootcamp, answering questions and generally helping you out.


Here’s the class schedule:


January 27 – Telling Your Brand Story

January 29 – Find Your Target Market

February 2 – Photography: Telling Your Shop’s Visual Story

February 5 – Shipping Tips & Tricks

February 9 – Search Engine Optimisation: Getting Found Online

February 12 – Get to Know (and love!) Your ‘Shop Stats’

February 16 – Marketing 101 (for creative types!)

February 19 – Creating Happy Customers (and nailing the art of repeat business)

February 25 – Live online Q&A with Clare and Jess


If you’ve done my course Set Up Shop, this will be a great refresher. We’ve tried hard to cover a lot of practical topics that will help you understand the details you need to know to get your shop up and running. Obviously we’ve done so in an Etsy-specific way, (unlike SUS which applies no matter where you want to sell online).

If you haven’t done SUS, but have been thinking about it and want to sell on Etsy, definitely sign up and give #EtsyResolution a go. It will definitely be a fab kick-starter, and will give you a feel for my teaching style, too 🙂

(In case you’ve been holding out for the next session of Set Up Shop, it will run in mid-March.)


To join #EtsyResolution, and find out more details, head on over to the announcement post on Etsy here (This site/resource is no longer available).


I hope you can join us – as I write this, there are already over 1,500 people signed up – wowsers!

Jess x

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