introducing the ctweeklychallenge

So, I’m always looking for new, fun ways to challenge you (and myself!) to craft a thriving life + business. After the huge popularity of #CTMonthInTheLife, I started thinking how I could do more instagram challenges.

Alas, I don’t have the time to run a daily challenge regularly, BUT – what about a weekly challenge?

And so the #CTWeeklyChallenge has come into being – kicking off this week!


Here’s how it works:

1. Each Sunday, I’ll be sending out the CT Weekly (I’m moving it from Fridays). Inside each week’s email will be the following week’s challenge (as well as all the regular goodness). This is your chance to find out what it’s going to be a little early and plan ahead if that’s your thing. Subscribe here if you haven’t already.

2. On Monday morning, Oz time, I’ll share that week’s challenge on the Create & Thrive instagram feed.

3. To participate, simply snap pictures of you working on the challenge during the week, share them on instagram, and tag them #CTWeeklyChallenge.


Simple as that!

During the week I might share some of my favourite snaps from those participating in the challenge on the C&T IG, too. When I play along, it will be either on the C&T IG or on my Epheriell instagram, depending on the challenge.

You can challenge yourself to participate every week, or just when the challenge I share resonates with you.


Some of the categories of challenges I’ll be sharing are:

  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Biz Planning
  • Organisation
  • Self-Care
  • Fun!
  • Social Media
  • and much more…


I will ONLY share the challenge task in the emails and on IG – so you’ll need to be subscribed here or following C&T on instagram to see each week’s challenge.

Yes, you can absolutely re-post the challenge image to your own feed if you want to each week. Yes, you can share it wherever you like! The aim is to enjoy it, challenge yourself, and grow your biz in a healthy direction all at the same time.

Sound good? I hope so!

Let’s have some fun…

Jess xx

P.S. Pop on over and follow Create & Thrive on Instagram to find out what the first challenge will be!

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