August article

This year my main goal was to up my game in the wholesale area and after months of work, I can say that I successfully landed 15 new wholesale accounts last month.

Wholesale shop accounts can really take your business up a gear and that’s why I wanted to share what I did so that you can take some of the same steps.

  1. I got my shop in order. I made sure I was telling a cohesive story in every section of my shop. I cleaned out items that weren’t selling well and added new items to fill those holes.
  2. I polished my line sheet. I also updated my terms and conditions and made the file super easy to email to shops via Dropbox.
  3. I re-shot my product photography so that it was consistent across the board and showed the product both in use, in its packaging, and just alone. This helps the shop owner see how they’ll display it and see if their customers would like your work.
  4. I rewrote my email pitch to focus on what my customers have been telling me. So instead of saying how my kits are made, I tell them that they have everything their customers need and thus they don’t have to run to the craft store. I say that they’re good for beginners but experienced embroiderers love them too. Anything that will help the shop owner see if it aligns with their own customer. This pitch also gives them verbal fodder for how to sell the kits in their shop.
  5. I made a list of shops to contact and slowly made my way through it day by day. Google search is the best way to find shops. Or if you travel, pick up local magazines and shopping guides at the airport.
  6. I attended two small wholesale shows this summer. That alone got me about 6 new shop accounts and now I’m on the list for another 15 shops for the holiday buying period.

Wholesale is a long game so don’t get discouraged. It takes a lot of time to see results but the sooner you start, the better. Plus, wholesale accounts are not a one-time sale. You get to restock them again and again and again!

What have you been doing lately to increase your wholesale shop count?



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