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Getting Started With Social Media

For some of us, social media is something we’ve been using successfully for many years to market our handmade, craft, and creative micro-businesses. We know the power and importance of social media to our business success because we’ve experienced it first-hand.

However, there are still plenty of us who are not quite sure about it – why we should use it, which social media will work for us, and how to get started.


This Guide is for YOU.

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This e-book is awesome!  It made me really think about the way that I have and have not done a lot of things with social media, and made me understand some of the decisions that I have made with social media (some things I just did because they made sense to me, and I always wondered if I was thinking the way that others were thinking).

At this time last year I really had no presence with social media and have been growing it slowly, especially with Twitter and Pinterest. I have been staying away from Instagram and after reading this e-book, I am going to try it.

~ Jackie - Kurbaga Artisans

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In this 65-page e-book I cover the ‘Big 4’ social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.


You’ll get simple, straightforward explanations of all the fundamental things you need to know to confidently begin using these social media.

You’ll also learn the WHY: why you should use social media, why it works, and why it’s a vital part of modern marketing – especially for small online business.


Trust is the bedrock upon which a successful online business is built.


Social media is your golden ticket to building your customers’ trust in you and your business.

It’s also the best way to tell your story, build your brand, and make genuine connections with your potential customers. People love to buy from people and brands they know. Make sure you’re that person.


Part 1 of the book talks about this in more detail. If you aren’t convinced of the necessity of social media to your business before reading this, this section will make the benefits crystal-clear.


Create & Thrive Guide to Getting Started With Social Media - Contents

Trust is paramount...

sharonGot your e-book all read last night and overall I love it. For someone who only has a personal FB presence and I have looked at Pinterest but don't use it, I thought it was simple but with enough detail to get the ball rolling on all the social media sites.

I like that without nagging, you stressed the most pivotal thing about social media is trust! I do read a lot of blogs and FB pages and some people just really don't get that.

I also love that you give examples for everything and they are your own. You are willing to share your own successes and I find that inspiring.

It does make me feel that I could go and start sharing a business on any of these sites without fear!

~ Sharon Barrett - Shazz B Art


Part 2 is where I delve into the ins and outs of each of the social media covered.


If you’ve ever wanted to start using social media, but were overwhelmed – or if you’ve found yourself disillusioned by social media, this section of the guide will give you the Who, What, Why, How and When of each of the Big 4, as well as a ‘Getting Started‘ step-by-step formula for each that will have you up and running in very little time.


Filling the gaps...



SO very timely!

Thank you for all the effort you put into this straightforward and eminently helpful guide.

I'm about to open my first Etsy store and have struggled with how to use social media to draw viewers and buyers.

My son, who has a highly successful online business, has been 'mentoring' me, but has a hard time explaining to me the social media involvement which is so natural to him.

You have filled that gap with your excellent book. I look forward to putting it into action, and will let you know how it goes.



In Part 3, I give you a few clever content strategies that will make creating, curating, and sharing content as simple and as effective as possible – while saving you precious time. Social media does NOT need to suck up hours every day if you’re smart and strategic about it. These strategies will help you be just that.


By smartly investing time in growing your social media presence, you will steadily build your business.


Inspired again...



It's definitely a great read for people starting out in social media - and for people like me who've tried it and been a little disillusioned...!

~ Tasha Chawner - Made by Tasha Chawner

There’s no better time than today to get started.


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