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To celebrate the recent launch of the Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography, we’re having our first Instagram competition!


We want YOU to show us your absolute best product photo.

Do you have that one shot that stands out from the rest? The one product photo that brings people into your shop more than any other?

We want to see it.

And maybe even feature it!

Not only that, we’ve got some rather lovely (and useful!) prizes to help you create the thriving business you dream of.

Sound good?

The competition runs from right now until 9am Monday the 30th of June, AEST – that’s exactly one week to get your entries in. So get to it!


Here’s what you need to do*:

  1. Follow @CreateandThrive on Instagram
  2. Share your star product shot on your own Instagram account. You MUST tag it (in the caption) #CTShowUsYourShot + tag us @CreateandThrive.
  3. Sit back and cross your fingers!


I will share up to 3 of my favourite entries on the C&T Instagram account each day while the competition runs. This is a totally personal choice – I’ll be sharing the photos that really catch my eye.

However, the competition winners will be chosen randomly using random.org. I want to choose a winner this way because I don’t want ANYONE to feel that their product photos ‘aren’t up to scratch’ or ready to be entered into this competition. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your own product photography journey – I want to see what you’ve done. All entries are equal.

I know some of you aren’t on Instagram yet… but if you aren’t, I hope you use this competition as a little push to give it a go! Truly, I’m starting to think it’s one of the best possible places you can be to market your handmade business – because it’s all about the photos.

So, by now I’m sure you’re wondering… what’s up for grabs, eh? Let me tell you…


The Prizes


  • A bundle of all 3 of our Guides (Product Photography, Social Media (This site/resource is no longer available), and Mailing List (This site/resource is no longer available))
  • A Full Shop Critique by Jess (as explained here)
  • A FREE spot in our next e-course (Set Up Shop.. or the NEW course that’s in the works… oooh!)


SECONDARY WINNERS (there will be 3 of these):

  • A copy of the Guide to Product Photography
  • A Mini-Critique of your shop by Jess (as explained here)


Now, for the boring (but necessary) stuff…

*Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entrant must follow @CreateandThrive
  2. Entrant must tag their entry #CTShowUsYourShot
  3. One entry per instagram account (so if you run multiple businesses with multiple accounts, you can put in an entry for each)
  4. Entry open worldwide
  5. Product photographed must be handmade, vintage, or craft supplies, and sold by you (basically, if you can sell it on Etsy, you can enter a photo of it)
  6. It MUST be a photo you/your team took (i.e. not a professionally paid for shot)
  7. You must share a new photo and tag us in the caption – not in the comments. I.E. you can’t just tag an old photo you’ve already uploaded in its comment section.
  8. Competion runs for a week – entries close 9am Monday the 30th of June, AEST
  9. @CreateandThrive reserve the right to #regram any entry/share any entry on our blog or other social media channels (of course, full credit will be given!)
  10. Winners will be chosen using Random.org


Good Luck!!

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