#CTMonthInTheLife – A Photo-a-Day Instagram Challenge for Creatives – Coming August 2014!



With the blessing of my gorgeous, talented and super-lovely friend Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim, who’s #fmsphotoaday challenge inspired this idea, I’m running a month-long Instagram #photoaday challenge in August!

This challenge is for makers, artists, and creatives of all stripes.

I know how much I love seeing behind the scenes of other creatives’ lives and work, and I know I’m not alone in that bit of loving voyeurism, am I right?

So, I created an opportunity for you to share all sorts of behind-the-scenes snapshots of your work life with us.

I want to see a month-in-the-life of your work. I want to see your space, your materials, your life, your passion. I want to see what motivates you, what your materials look like, what you DO every day!

Who wants to play?


Join us for #CTMonthInTheLife!


Below is your handy-dandy reference image that lists the challenges for each day. Please feel free to take and share this image on your own IG, blogs, and any other social media.

I’ll be posting each day’s prompt on the Create & Thrive IG account throughout August with a little blurb that explains a little bit about what it is. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory though!

We’ll kick off on August 1st, and play through till the 31st.

Please be aware that I’m running on Australian Eastern Standard Time – so for those of you on the other side of the world, we’ll be a little ahead of you time-wise – but just play when each day rolls around in your timezone!

CTMonthInTheLife Shareable
I'm Playing CTMonthInTheLife


If you have an iPhone, I recommend you give Chantelle’s app – Little Moments – a go for this challenge.

I also wrote a post outlining all my personal favourite Android Instagram apps (including a few photo creation and prettifying apps) here.

Make sure you’re following us on the @CreateAndThrive IG account.

I’ll be doing a round-up of my faves each day for the previous day’s prompt, so make sure to tag your post #CTMonthInTheLife AND @CreateandThrive so I see it!

I can’t wait to peek inside your creative lives… will you be joining us?



Love this idea! I’ll be joining in for sure 🙂


Love this, and love the fact that’s there’s a theme for each day, that’s really helps. Looking forward to making lots of new connections!


I’ll be joining….just hope I don’t forget what day it is…lol…;)

Kerry (@effiehandmade)

Looking forward to this!! The daily prompts will help me get more creative about how to post behind-the-scenes stuff. Awesome!

Allison Dey Malacaria

Unfortunately, I can’t use Instagram (no cell phone and Gramblr won’t work on my system), AND I’m spending August far from home caring for a family member who is ill. BUT my interest is so piqued by this incredible list, I’m going to play this game on Pinterest with a special board. Even a nomad can Create & Thrive! 🙂


Yay Allison! What a fabulous idea!!

Allison Dey Malacaria

I’m so tickled you shared my “make do” idea in the newsletter! Maybe I should call it a “Can Do!” idea for that motivating oomph.

I’m not super social media savvy. Can you explain how the hashtags work for this? I can’t follow on Instagram but I can add the #CTMonthInTheLife tag, right? But if I do, where does that go if someone clicks on it? Do hashtags work in Pinterest or on FB also and if so, where does a hashtag take someone?

Sorry to be dense. With no cell phone, I have no experience with this stuff. I’m doing my darnedest to make a laptop do a similar job, so I’m all about learning!

I’ll be in Arizona taking care of my son who is not well, but he’s so happy that I’m trying to grow a business and he’s super supportive! So my Month In The Life will be as an artisan-on-the-move!


A fantastic idea Allison! I will also be completing this challenge on Pinterest.


Great idea ! I love IT !!! But it´s holiday Time for me and wońt be able to participate 🙁


If you have old photos handy that you can use for some of the prompts, that’s okay! 😀


Count me in – YAY!!! I am super excited about it ^_^. Off to share on all platforms now. xox

Shawn Fenwick

Can I join in this? I’m a crafter who makes things purely for pleasure, a hobby, not for sale.


Of course you can, Shawn! 😀

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Hi, I was wondering if you would consider running this again, I didn’t get to play and I am sure some other fans would love it. I was going to try and create my own version but it seemed like theft. 🙂 By the way I find you to be a great inspiration found right at the time that I have decided my hobby bussiness is going to be an income in 2015. I find it particularly inspiring that you are a fellow Australian, its refreshing to know that the handmade market isn’t just for americans. I would love your thoughts on made it versus hand-made for the Australian folk.

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