recommended reading week 27

From Megan:

  • More Awesome Stock Image Sites – Meighan O’Toole (Looking for more places to get beautiful stock images for your marketing? Look no further than this post.) (This site/resource is no longer available)
  • 4 Mistakes You Make While Marketing, Launching, and Selling Your New Product – Tara Gentile (Tara’s ramping up for another creativeLIVE course and this post gives a little peek into the content.)
  • Next-Big-Thing Syndrome is a Business Killer – and You May Already be Infected – Laura K. Roeder (A look into why your big goals may actually be holding you back.)
  • The Secret to All My Press – Making the World Suck Less (An honest look at how entrepeneurs can get press nowadays) (This site/resource is no longer available.)

From Jess:


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