Create & Thrive : Sunday Reading {Week 41, 2013}

1-C&T Recommended Reading

I don’t know about you, but I read a LOT of awesome and useful articles on creating & thriving in life and work every week.

In fact, after my morning walk, I spend anywhere up to an hour each morning just reading helpful, educational, and enlightening articles from dozens of different websites and blogs.

I know I share a lot of these posts with you over on twitter and facebook, but I thought you might find it useful if I put together a weekly ‘recommended reading’ list of the best stuff I find on my daily dive into the internet rabbit hole. Yes?

Okay! So, here we are with the very first C&T Sunday RR post… on Week 41 of 2013. No time to start like the present!

Here were my fave reads this week:


P.S. Why Sunday? Well, Sunday is not only the end of the week, it’s also the day where many of us have the most free time to catch up on news and other informational goodness without having to rush off to work. Think of it as your weekly Sunday paper… especially for creative, inquisitive, & entrepreneurial souls.


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