C&T Recommended Reading Week 48 2013

Happy December!

I’ve just spent 2 nights staying with friends up in the city – having a proper day off yesterday.

It was much needed, because from here on out until we take our break over Christmas, it’s going to be all-out, every day, all day.

*deep breath*

Here’s to a fantastic December – may your business blow all previous sales records this year!


Here were my fave reads this week:


Why Sunday? Well, Sunday is not only the end of the week, it’s also the day where many of us have the most free time to catch up on news and other informational goodness without having to rush off to work. Think of this as your weekly Sunday paper… especially for creative, inquisitive, & entrepreneurial souls.

Remember, you’re welcome to share your fave reads of the week in the comments, too.

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