Welcome to Wholesale Know-How

Here’s what’s going to happen:

On September 9th, you’ll get an email from me with housekeeping/important course info. PLEASE make sure to read this and keep it somewhere safe. I recommend you create a new folder in your email program called Wholesale Know-How so you can keep all the lessons nice and organised in one place as they come in.

And hey, please make sure to whitelist my email address – jess@createandthrive.com – (just add me to your contacts to do this). That makes sure your spam filter doesn’t catch any of the lessons by accident!

If you signed up for a Gold or Platinum Membership, watch out for separate info later in the course on our calls, and your critiques/skype sessions.

Our Facebook group will be an important part of the course – it’s where we’ll get together and share questions and ideas and lessons. If you have a question during the course that you’re happy to make public, please leave it on the FB page – chances are, someone else will have the same question and you’ll be helping them!

If you’re having any technical difficulties at any time, or need to ask me something privately, just email me directly.

Go over here now and request access to the FB page so you’re ready to go come September 10th!

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