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Welcome to Set Up Shop – a 30-day e-course to help you craft your online handmade shop into something that you can be proud of from the get-go – and that starts those sales rolling in!


You know those online shops that stop you in your tracks – because they’re just so darn amazing?!

That’s what you’re here to create.


SONY DSCSet Up Shop has taken me step by step through the process of creating, beautifying and opening my online shop and social media pages.

Jess has 'been there, done that' when it comes to creating and selling her beautiful jewellery and has been very generous in sharing that knowledge. No more muddling around in the dark trying to figure it all out - Jess has flipped on the light switch!

It has been eye-opening and inspiring and I can say, wholeheartedly, if you are thinking of opening up an online shop this course will save you so much time and frustration.  Plus, you'll meet a host of other talented, helpful creative types.  Money so very well spent!

Carolyn Grill



Want to set up shop online for the first time?


…or perhaps you’ve opened an Etsy shop, but are just muddling along, not sure if you’re ‘doing it right’?

… maybe you’ve been successfully wholesaling, but with the way the retail market is going, you know it’s time to take the leap to selling online, too?

…or, you want to learn how to set up shop on your own website, rather than on someone else’s venue?


Want to skip those years of the learning curve – trying and failing and trying again until you get it right?



Set Up Shop 2 Jan 16


Join me for 30 days, and I’ll teach you how to #SetUpShop.

Get it right – right from the start.


j smiling edit 1smlThanks to your Set up Shop course, I have no fears or worries about starting my online shop.  I have a plan.  I am well prepared.

I am confident that I know what to do, and when I run up against a problem, I know I will find a solution thanks to all the resources you have provided and the wonderful people in the Set up Shop facebook community.

It has been an interesting, thought-provoking course which has allowed me to make real progress in setting up my business. And although it has been challenging and has thrown up some annoying problems, it has been fun and exciting.

I am so glad I signed up. 

Thank you Jess!

Jayne Traeger-Bliss

Dani Killick
Jess, You are AMAZING!!!! Thank-you so much for such an insightful and useful critique. I didn't realise it was going to be so detailed. Thank-you!!! I've just sat down to update my shop after 3 weeks of holidays  and I couldn't be more inspired to keep working on my Etsy shop with the help of your feedback.

Having access to the Facebook group has been so motivational & what a great way to create an ongoing support network. Thank-you again!

I think the most exciting and surprising lesson learnt from your course was the ability to break down some limitations that I had put on my business. Creating designs that I could reproduce really scared me & I think I was avoiding this next step for all the wrong reasons.

Soooooo....I just designed my first range of scarves that I can reproduce and I've had an amazing response. Thanks for helping me get over this fear!!! 🙂

Dani Killik


Is this for me?


Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to set up an online shop to sell your craft/art for the first time – either on Etsy or another platform (including on your own website)? I’ll teach you how.

  • Do you want to re-vamp your current online shop?

  • Do you want to skip the learning curve and get it RIGHT, first time?

  • Are you serious about turning your hobby into a business?

  • Do you want detailed guidance from someone who’s been successfully selling handmade goods online for 10 years – 8 of them as their full-time business? (I know my stuff.)

  • Do you want to avoid the oh-so-common pitfalls that hold people back from having a successful online business?


Yes? Then Set Up Shop is for you!


testimonial - julieI am so happy I signed up to do the 'Set Up Shop' e-course.
I was nervous in the beginning.
I have grown and learnt so much. With the guidance of Jessica and support from the talented ladies doing the course we have gained much knowledge.
I've had my ups and downs during the course and felt like it was all too hard, however faith in myself and my creations have grown.
I can make this into a business and be my own boss!
Many Thanks Jessica.
~ Julia Lucas


During the Course, You’ll Receive…


  • 30 days of lessons
    • Each lesson is delivered daily via email
    • Each lesson is one small step towards setting up your shop – some will take you mere minutes to complete, some will take longer (there will be catch-up days!)
    • By the end of the 30 days you’ll have everything set up, ready to go!
  • LIFETIME Access to a private Facebook group
    • Share your journey with others
    • Get help and advice from fellow students and me, your teacher
    • Lifetime access to the group!
  • 2 Facebook Lives with Jess during the course
    • These will run at different times to allow for timezone differences
    • Ask Jess your course questions live
  • A pdf ebook of the entire course at the end of the 30 days
    • If you fall behind, you can always catch up later


Registration is Currently Closed.

The course will run again in the second half of 2018.



Set Up Shop 3 Jan 16


Hey Thriver! My name is Jess, and I’ll be your teacher for this 30-day journey we’ll be taking together. I’ve been running my own online handmade jewellery business – Epheriell – full-time since 2010, and it keeps myself and my husband busy each and every day, making jewellery to send all around the world.

Before I figured out how to turn my passion into a profitable business, I was a qualified teacher. So, it was inevitable that I would reach out and share what I’ve learnt over the last few years with you.

Everything I teach in Set Up Shop is something I’ve learnt the hard way – through trial-and-error in my own handmade business.

I’ve done the hard yards – but you don’t have to.

I’ve taken over 900 amazing creative entrepreneurs through the Set Up Shop journey already, and the success stories that have come out of it have blown me away. There is nothing more satisfying for a teacher than to see her student have an ‘a-ha’ moment that revolutionises their business and their life – and that’s something I see every day during Set Up Shop.

I hope you’ll join us and have your own revolutionary realisations!



CarolynThank you so much for "Set up Shop".

It was amazing and so very helpful in giving me clear step by step actions to follow to improve my business and shop.

I went from 2 sales in the first 9 months of re-opening my shop to having an additional 27 sales in a span of less then 2 months time. You are a wonderful teacher and mentor!

~ Carolyn Jankovskis

testimonial - karenIf you have ever thought you would like to have an online presence, but have lacked the confidence or know how, this is the course for you.

If anyone has ever said “Your stuff is great.  You should sell online”, and it’s been a dream of yours for too long, you need to make those dreams become a reality and do this course.

Jessica will take you step by step through all aspects of running an online store.  She is a fountain of useful information and experience which she is more than willing to share with her students in easy to understand, manageable steps.

Jessica, I have really gained so much from this course and the lovely, supportive community of like-minded students.  Your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience to us is inspirational.

I know I will not hesitate to recommend your course to other sellers who want to take their stores to the next level or for those who lack the confidence to take that sometimes scary step into the world of online selling.

On a personal note, I have already rambled on the Facebook page today about the changes that have happened to my business over the duration of the course.  I have had the best sales month ever, plenty of excellent feedback, and more opportunities like boutique type markets and joint ventures that have opened up to me.  I think a lot of this is a direct result of the confidence and tools you have given me because I feel as if I am actually running a business now.

~ Karen Lynch


What does the course cover?


  • Venue Selection (including info on how to set up shop on your own website)
  • Product Development
  • Photography
  • Descriptions, tags, and titles
  • Your brand – including logo and tagline/core message
  • About page
  • Pricing
  • Marketing materials
  • Product packaging
  • Shipping
  • Organisation – offline and online
  • Social Media basics
  • Blogging basics
  • Mailing lists and the launch model
  • A yearly plan…
  • …and MUCH more!


How much time will each lesson take to complete?


Make no mistake, this IS a time-intensive course. You get one lesson delivered each day via email.

Some of the lessons might take you a scant few minutes – some may take you an hour or two… and some might be so life-and-business changing that you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

There are some catch-up days in there, though, where you can either catch up on a lesson you’ve missed, or just take a break.

I am running this course in the daily email format for a very important reason – habit + process.

Each lesson builds upon the last, and by getting that email every day at the same time, it will prompt you into the habit of thinking about your business daily – a MUST for anyone who wants to succeed.

If you’re concerned about how much time you have to complete each lesson, remember this: you have LIFETIME access to the course content (you even get it delivered in a handy-dandy ebook at the end of the course) and also LIFETIME access to the Private Set Up Shop Facebook group. The students from the previous iterations of the course are still using it daily to help each other out, so it will always be there, full of colleagues who understand you and what you’re trying to do.


So the REAL question is – can you afford all the time you’ll spend wandering around the internet over the next few years – without direction – to try and figure this all out?


Or do you want to leap over the learning curve and cut down that time to just 30 days?





Do I have to be in Australia to take the course?

Nope! We’ve had folks from all over the world take the class. I do cover a few topics in the initial housekeeping email where I give links to some Aussie stuff (tax and government registration info), but I also tell you what you need to look into no matter what country you live in. The rest of the course is just as relevant for someone living in Auckland as it is for someone living in New York, or London, or Johannesburg!


Do I need to make handmade crafts to do this course – or can I be an artist, designer, vintage seller etc?

I wrote this course specifically for makers – but that goes for artists and designers, as well. If you don’t make your own products, but get them made for you (or, you sell vintage or supplies), there will be a few lessons that aren’t completely relevant to you, but the vast majority of lessons will be applicable to you – stuff like working out your branding, photography, product descriptions, managing your time, marketing, etc.


Will you only teach me how to set up an Etsy shop, or does the content work for other platforms too?

What I teach in this course can be implemented across any platform. Etsy, Dawanda, Not On The High Street, Madeit, Folksy… or on Shopify, your own website, etc. I do show you how to set up your own WordPress website as an option, but the course is relevant for you no matter what platform you choose to set your shop up on.


Do I have to know how to use CSS or html or any other sort of code?

Not at all! If you choose to set up shop on Etsy or a similar platform, you’re good to go so long as you can use a computer, browse the internet, and upload stuff. If you can sign up for and take this course, you can set up an online shop!


Do I have to complete the whole course in the 30 days?

Ideally, you’ll have the time to work through each lesson as it arrives… but we all know that life sometimes gets in the way. I do ask that you at least make the time (10 minutes, tops) to at least *read* each lesson as it arrives, just so you can get a clear idea of how the course is progressing. But you can take the course at your own pace – whether that means you finish in the 30 days – or it takes you 6 months! The key is starting and making what progress you can, when you can. With that in mind, we come to the next question…


Do I get access to the course info and FB group after the course ends?

Absolutely! I don’t believe in ‘taking away’ the course content from you. You will have access to it forever – both in the emails you received, and in the form of an ebook, of the entire course at the end. And you also get lifetime membership to the course FB group, so you can pop in their and ask your classmates questions at any time (but I’m only active in there while a course is running).


Can I take the course again in future if I pay for it now?

Absolutely! Once you’ve signed up to the course, you can ‘retake’ it as many times as you like. The only caveat here is that if you are a Gold or Platinum member, you don’t get to participate in calls in future classes, or get your skype session/critique done again – those are once-offs. But you can always refer back to your ebook of the course and work through the course again with future cohorts of students in the FB group – in fact, I encourage it!


Is this course included in Thriver Circle membership/does it overlap with Your Year to Thrive?

Set Up Shop is not included with Thriver Circle membership – it’s a stand-alone course. If you are a Thriver Circle member, doing the YYTT course, there are a couple of lessons where there is a little bit of overlap, but the 2 courses are very different things. YYTT is designed to teach you about every aspect of setting up and running a handmade business – no matter what venue you choose to sell via. SUS is an intensive course – indeed, a system – to teach you very quickly all the steps you need to take to set up an online shop specifically.


Ready to Set Up Shop?


Registration is Currently Closed.

The course will run again in the second half of 2018.

More feedback from past students…


testimonial - lindsayI have been researching business advice for over 3 years. I had already found a lot of the information you offered in the class. I just couldn't figure out how to implement it and in what order.
Also, you have the issue of "expert" advice from people whose products and venues are nowhere near what you need advice on. And all Etsy based advice was given by people who shrugged while giving it. Not very encouraging.
I was familiar with Epheriell from very early on after launch and bespoke was a favorite zine. I "knew" you and knew your story. When you launched C&T I jumped on it. I knew, if Jess was giving business advice, it was smart to listen. Which made signing up for your flagship class an even easier decision. A no-brainer. I even spent money I didn't really having during a time when I really needed it.
I may not be running full steam ahead with the info shared in the Set Up Shop course. But I now know what mistakes I'm making and feel knowledge (or how to implement it) is no longer the problem. The problem now is how to organize my time and resources to take full advantage of the (almost) formula I've been given.
Thanks Jess. I have enjoyed every minute.
~ Lindsay Hartwell

testimonial - staceyI just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for an absolute ripper of a week!

The Set Up Shop course has already well exceeded my expectations and has me thinking about my business and brand in a whole new light.  It has been challenging and thought provoking but also inspiring and extremely relevant.

The way that you have presented each lesson is top notch and it’s been wonderful to connect with so many gorgeous people who are all travelling along the same journey.

I’ve still got a few things to fine tune from week 1, especially the branding parts, but I feel as though my subconscious is busily working on something spectacular!  At least that’s what I think is happening since I was dreaming about keywords and taglines last night, what the...??

Bring on week 2! 🙂

~ Stacey - Max & Me Designs

testimonial - tigI joined the Set Up Shop course because I wanted to start a new business. While I knew in my head everything that I had to do I kind of stalled mentally because I didn't know where I should start.
I saw the course promoted a fair bit through social media and looked at it a few times but I wasn't sure I was ready to go through the emotion of putting my creations out there.

The day the course signup closed things really clicked for me, I heard how many other people were in the course, I knew Jess' story (I'd been a Twitter follower and reader of hers for a while), and I realised my main work for the next month was going to be quiet so I could sit down and really focus on it. I think I signed up about an hour before closing time.

I am so glad I did.

Jess' emails every day provided a little chunk of the puzzle to be organised without having to worry if I should be focusing on something else. The Facebook group was amazing, bouncing ideas off each other, as well as huge support and encouragement.
While I'm still working through some areas of my products I am able to refer to the emails and Facebook group to keep me on track.

Thanks again!

~ Joy Carrick

testimonial - soniaI want to say a heartfelt thank you.

The knowledge and confidence I have gained by being a part of the Set Up Shop course has been absolutely invaluable.

I can confidently say that what I have learnt in these past 30 days I would have never worked out on my own or from other sources.

For me, the structure of the course was a winner, every lesson in a logical order really made everything make sense.

And the Facebook group...well what can I say. Such a friendly and inspiring bunch of ladies, so much shared knowledge and experience and everyone so willing to help and offer suggestions and support.

Thank You Jess, this course will be a major factor in the success of my business in the future.

~ Sonia


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