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5000 follower giveaway


Create & Thrive has just passed the 5,000 followers mark on Instagram – so I decided to celebrate with a giveaway!


I’m giving away access to our NEW self-study eCourse – Brand Your Craft – which will be launching next week.

Brand Your Craft takes you through all the steps you need to take in order to create a compelling brand that speaks to your Ideal Customer, and which helps your handmade business stand out in your niche.

Sound good?

Head on over to the Create & Thrive Instagram account, and look for the image below to enter.


5000 follower giveaway entry image


Make sure to do BOTH of the entry steps on Instagram!


Competition Rules

  1. This contest is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram.
  2. You must complete both entry steps to be in the draw to win – liking the competition post on Instagram AND tagging at least 1 friend in the comments below the post.
  3. You can enter as many times as you like – but you must make a separate comment for each friend you tag. If you tag more than one person in one comment, that will only count as one entry.
  4. Winner will be chosen randomly from valid entries.
  5. Entries close Monday the 28th of March at 10am AEST.
  6. There will be three winners. They will be announced on Monday the 28th of March, and will gain access to the course when it is launched.

Good luck!


Register Now for Wholesale Know-How – Class starts Monday!

Wholesale Know-How Square Image Seamstress


Hey Thriver,


Have you ever wondered…


  • If wholesale is right for you, and if so, if you’ve got everything in place to hit the ground running? (Business branding, products, legalities etc.)
  • If you’re pricing your items right, so you’re still making a profit when selling wholesale?
  • How to grow your business faster than you’re able to by only selling direct to your customers?
  • What systems you need to put in place from the beginning when selling wholesale to get things running smoothly?
  • How you can get your brand ‘out there’ into the world, and gain wider recognition?
  • The best way to approach stockists, and how to maintain a positive (and profitable) relationship with them?
  • How to put together a wholesale catalogue that will wow potential stockists?
  • What the ins and outs of how to succeed at a trade fair are, (without taking the risk of losing thousands of dollars because you don’t know what you’re doing?)
  • Exactly how other people have made selling wholesale the main part of their business?


Our upcoming eCourse – Wholesale Know-How – will answer all these questions, and more.

It will teach you everything you need to learn in order to start successfully wholesaling your handmade creations.


Registration for the 30-day course closes in less than 48 hours – so don’t miss out.

Enrol Now

Handmade Biz Bootcamp 2016

Biz Bootcamp

So, I’m doing something rather fun in January – a 21-day bootcamp exclusively for the members of the Thriver Circle!

We’re going to work together to kick 2016 off with a bang, and set up you up for your best year in biz yet.

This bootcamp is focused on the things YOU need to do – as a handmade business owner – to ensure you’re ready to tackle a new year with clarity and focus.


The Biz Bootcamp will start on Monday, Jan 11th.

The Bootcamp is ONLY available to Thriver Circle members. And yes – it is at absolutely no extra cost above and beyond your small monthly membership fee. If you want to join us for the Bootcamp, make sure you join the Circle – there is no other way to participate.


What Will It Look Like?

For the 21 days of the Bootcamp, there will be a daily lesson/activity for you to complete, and we will, of course, be discussing each one in the Circle FB Forum, so we can take advantage of the amazing support and advice we have for each other.

There will be:

  • An intro video from me at the start of each of the 3 weeks of the program – which I’ll email out to you.
  • A daily lesson on the TC site (visible to members only).
  • A daily prompt in the FB group for us to use to discuss that day’s lesson/activity.


What Will It Cover?

There will be 3 main themes over the 3 weeks of the bootcamp.

  • You will get clear on what your business is going to look like in 2016.
  • You will do your goal setting and time management plans for the year ahead.
  • You will create a marketing plan for 2016.

By the end of the bootcamp, you will have a crystal-clear idea of what 2016 holds for your business, and how you’re going to get there.


How to Participate

If you’re already a member of the Circle… you don’t need to do anything except maintain your membership and look forward to January!

If you’re not already a member… you must join us in order to take part.

Membership is only open 4 times a year, for 48 hours at a time. To see if membership is open now, visit this page. (It’s open this week – Oct 27-28 Aussie time!)

If it’s not, make sure to subscribe to the email list here and you’ll be notified when membership opens – as well as gaining access to my free Handmade Biz Toolkit.

I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!

Jess x

[21] Why Pay for an eCourse When you can Google the Information for Free?

The Create & Thrive Podcast - Episode 21

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

“Why should I pay for this e-courses when I can just Google this information for free?”

Let me start by saying: I am the queen of ‘Googling it’, and a huge amount of what I know about business, I have learned by figuring it out myself through trial and error.

It is absolutely a great, cheap, and legitimate way to learn. But it’s also a very slow way to learn!

Not only that – how can you know that you’ve found genuinely good advice? And how can you know you haven’t missed some vital piece of information that could save you time and money?

I think many people are under the misconception that when they purchase a course, they are just paying for the content. You aren’t. There are actually 4 things you’re paying for, and content is just one of them.

Listen in to this episode to find out just what those 4 things are. It will help you decide whether an e-course is worth your precious financial resources, or whether you’d be better off going it alone.


You don't know

Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Googling it is great for solving one focused problem.
  • It’s not the smartest way to learn.
  • “You don’t know what you don’t know.”
  • You’re not just buying the content of that course or the information that you’ll receive.
  • You are paying for content, experience, saved time, expertise of the teacher.
  • The content is always going to be available somewhere on the internet for free – not just all in one place, and perhaps not in a way that’s easy to absorb.
  • It’s hard to know what you’re looking for.
  • You can end up missing really crucial information which could make your life easier.
  • When you consider doing an e-course, look at the experience you’ll be getting. Does it allow you to interact with your classmates? How will the content be delivered? Do you get actual feedback from your teacher – can you ask questions?
  • “Choose a course that gives you the experience you want, as well as the content you need.”
  • Imagine: instead of spending years stumbling around in dark caves, trying to find your way to the treasure hidden deep within the mountain, someone came along and gave you a light and a map.
  • The question to ask yourself when you’re considering exchanging a little bit of your life for an e-course is – “Will the time I SAVE down the road outweigh the money I SPEND right now?”
  • Your teacher must have the knowledge and experience to teach you what you need to know in a way that you will find enjoyable, challenging, and truly useful.
  • You need to make sure that you really trust your teacher.
  • Does what they teach come from a place of hard-won experience?
  • “One small test for you to apply: if they tell you that achieving success will suddenly be guaranteed, fast, and/or easy if you just do their course – they’re lying.”
  • Success is in the application.
  • No-one can give you a magic formula for success.
  • Success looks different to everyone, and can be reached in so many different ways.
  • Time is life and when you exchange money for something, you’re exchanging it for time saved – a little bit of life. Make sure it’s worth it.


Download/Listen to this Episode

(You can also subscribe to the podcast and listen to this episode on iTunes + Stitcher – just search ‘Create & Thrive’.)

Why My Jewellery Biz Revenue Doubled from 2013 to 2014





Why my jewellery biz revenue doubled

We all struggle with choosing – and sticking to – a direction for our business.

In the beginning, you probably didn’t even have a direction in mind. You just had something you loved to make, and you wanted to start selling it.

Things like finding your ideal customer, marketing, goal-setting, long-term planning, and conscious product development were likely not even on your radar. You might not have even planned on having a ‘business’.

But now you’re here. You’ve realised that you not only love making things – you love being able to share them with the world, and make money doing so. You’ve crafted yourself a business.

But are you clear on where you want to drive your business to?

Or is it driving you?

Camila Prada – one of the successful makers I profile in the SHIFT Gold Member Case Studies, has this to say about finding direction.


[Struggling with direction is] a constant for me. I think it is for most entrepreneurs, simply because of the fact you have to switch back and forth from CEO mode to worker bee mode. As the creator of a business you are always second guessing yourself, questioning, thinking of how to make things better.This makes it hard to execute plans in a focused manner, and of course YOU have to execute these ideas and plans yourself at the beginning, as there is no one else to do it.


Another of our Case Studies, Tracey Matthews (you might know her from Flourish & Thrive Academy) actually grew her first jewellery business to a huge level of success over 10 years… then let all of that go to re-start with a completely different business model for her jewellery.


She says: “Struggling to find direction is just part of life. The difference between those who succeed and those who stay stuck in the struggle is the direct correlation between your ability to make a choice and to take action.”


I totally agree with Tracey. I wrote about this on the blog recently – the terrible habit of not taking action because we’re waiting for something… whether that something is more time to think through a decision (hint, there will never be a point where you are 100% confident… about anything) waiting for perfection, waiting for the ‘right time’… or any of the other myriad excuses we make to ourselves about why we haven’t taken action.

The 4 makers I profile in the SHIFT Gold Case Studies all have this one thing in common. They have made decisions (sometimes, really tough decisions) and then enacted them.

Another thing they have in common is a clear direction.

They know who their customer is – and who their customer is not. They are not trying to be everything to everyone. They know what they want, and every decision they make drives them closer to their chosen destination.

Do you have this clarity?

Or are you still floundering, lurching from task to task, always feeling like you’re behind the game?

If you’re driving your business aimlessly, it’s time to make a shift.

I created SHIFT – my e-course for makers and creatives – to help you do exactly that.

Why did I create this course?

Because I’ve been in your shoes. It took me years to get clear on what I wanted my jewellery business – Epheriell – to be, and the direction I wanted to drive it. From when I started it as a hobby in 2008, it took me 5 years before I finally got really clear and focussed as to what direction to take my biz.

5 years.

Sure, I had attained some level of success – I was making regular sales, and making money. But things were growing slowly, and it wasn’t until I consciously chose a specific, defined direction that things really took off.

Once I got that clarity, and committed myself to one micro-niche, my business exploded. In fact, my jewellery business revenue in 2014 was double my revenue in 2013.

And that was after culling over half my product line!

Attaining this clarity and direction makes everything so much easier. Your marketing, product development, time management, heck, even the amount of supplies you need to keep on hand.

It makes things simpler, more straightforward, and you clear so much mental space because you’re not wasting time constantly asking ‘this or that’?

You know your Core Values, you know what part you want your biz to play in your life, and you know your WHY.

If you need help finding this clarity and direction for your business, join me and a passionate group of fellow creatives for SHIFT.

To register for the March class, click here.

The course kicks off March 9th and runs for 30 days. Registration closes Sunday morning, AEST.

As with all of my courses, you get lifetime access to both the content and the private course forum.


I hope you’ll join us and #SHIFTyourbiz in 2015!

Jess xx


P.S. Don’t just take my word for it. SHIFT Alumni, Carolyn Kospender, says of the course: “I feel like I’ve read so many books and essays on information that never really hit the point. But your course not only gave me concrete steps and plans to get me going but more importantly, opened my eyes to the true purpose behind what I do.”

P.P.S. If you have any questions about the course after reading the course page and FAQs, just leave a comment below or email me and I’ll get back to you asap.

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