We had such a good response from you on our first post that we couldn’t wait to write another Ask the Makers for you.  We really hope you enjoy this one!  Please let us know in the comments below what you’d like to hear us talk about next month.

This month, we’re talking all about the branding for our packaging.  How did we decide on it?  How do we balance safety in shipping with branding?  How do we make it ‘pretty’?

Danielle’s answer:


When it comes to packaging, I try to make mine more protective than pretty… but still attractive. I know it doesn’t last long in the sense that people just rip it open, but I do believe it can make a big impression! For my necklaces, I wrap each piece in tissue and tie with a colorful piece of ribbon. I try to buy the ribbon in seasonal colors and I use white tissue paper which I think coincides with my brand. I end up with a tiny package wrapped in white with one bright color… and that to me does represent my brand. I then stick the small bundle into a plastic bag, in case the package should get wet, with a business card and a contact card. Both cards are also bright and colorful and feature images of my work. I then include a handwritten note on the back of a postcard with my shop info and another image of my work. It’s simple and inexpensive but colorful and fun as well. Of course the actual envelope is sort of boring but I don’t like to make it too fancy on the outside… I like the good stuff to be on the inside!

Katia’s Answer:

packaging Plushka

My packaging hasn’t changed much since I’ve started. I knew from the beginning I want it to be recognisable year after year and be a part of my branding, which meant picking a colour in my logo/banner. Ordering a personalised wrapping paper with the logo or a brand name wasn’t an option due to the cost so I’ve picked a white tissue paper with large red polka dots. Red is the dominant colour in my logo and polka dots are fun. It’s great to keep paper the same from the start but change the small things in order to keep it interesting –  twine, stickers, washi tape, include a little gift with large orders or a gift card (like the ones you can order via Moo website) with my toys on them. I try to watch the costs and have only special “additions” to the standard pretty wrapping paper on Christmas. I purchase holidays themed bags and some gift wrapping supplies. For Christmas my orders get wrapped in brown paper with a Christmas themed belly wrap and red twine. Packaging is important but I try not to go over the top, keeping it simple and on the budget.

Jess’s Answer:

epheriell packaging

It took me a long time to get my packaging right – a few years actually, and even now I think it could be better!

I use Kraft board and paper to mount and wrap my jewellery in flat-pack form – this means I can ship it as a large letter, which saves significantly on postage costs for my customers. Some of my work does need to go in a box, but everything gets wrapped in the same brown paper with a lovely, silky ribbon wrapped around it. I also use a stamp to put my brand name on the Kraft board.
When my customers get an order from me, I want them to feel special – like they’re getting a little present!
The brown paper and card reflects the eco aspect of my business (the use of recycled sterling silver) and the ribbon adds a touch of luxury.

Megan’s Answer:

I’m actually in the process of re-branding my packaging but there are a few things I keep in mind when I’m designing it.  Above all I want to make sure that my artwork is safe so all of my prints come sealed in a cellophane sleeve with a mat board backing.  I love the feel of Kraft paper and the look of string or twine.  It reminds me of the song from The Sound of Music and I always feel that delightful things come in packages tied up with string. 
My brand is all about black, white, and one color.  Right now my color is blue so I’ll be buying blue string next to go with my business card.  I also make sure to include a small thank you note which I write personally.  People love handwritten notes and it really adds a personal touch to every package.
All of my work ships in Stay-Flat envelopes to ensure its safety.  For international orders, this means extra costs but the safety of the work is more important to me and my customers than cutting corners and cost.
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