Ask me your questions, I’ll tell you no lies…


{by Norman Rockwell}

Morning all!

I’m suffering from the dreaded lurgy today, so my brain is not exactly in prime ‘answering questions in an in-depth, no-nonsense, and thorough matter’ mode, (plus Nick is harassing me and telling me to go back to bed).


I thought I’d do a call-out for questions for our Friday Q&A posts. I’ve got a couple still lined up to answer, but more is better, because I know you’ve got them, and I want to answer them 🙂

If you’ve got a burning question you’re happy to ask publicly, please just leave it in the comments of this post. If you’ve got a more sensitive question that you’d like to ask me privately (I’m happy to keep you anonymous when I answer your question) just shoot it to me via email – jessica AT

Have an ace weekend, and I’ll see you next week!


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Rest up Jess and feel better soon x


Thank you, lovely Leoni! 🙂

Simone Fox [Massa]

Hi Jess
I’m still scratching my head as to why I have not had one sale since opening my online shop in January this year, and my Etsy shop since March. I have had many people giving my products likes when I post them on my Facebook page, I have a Pinterest board, and I see on my site stats that I’m getting people visiting my website – a fair few from overseas countries too – yet not one person has bought anything.
Is this usually the way things go in the beginning – is four months in still too early to expect anything? I have been following your advice from your email newsletters, as well as that of other affiliated sites but nothing is happening. I have tried to do all that’s necessary where SEO is concerned too.
I will confess though that I am not very tech savvy and am extremely time poor [working a day job also], and as such I don’t blog [my life and anything I’d have to say isn’t terribly interesting anyway] and as yet have not sent out any newsletters as I don’t have enough subscribers to warrant it [only about 3 to date I think].
Soooo… I’m wondering whether I’m doing something wrong, or if I don’t have enough products yet to really pique people’s interest/or they’re just not products people need, or any number of other possibilites as to why nothing’s happening.
Sorry for the long comment but I’m such a newbie to all this and finding it all very disconcerting and distressing as I really want to make my business my sole source of income – and I’m not getting any younger! lol

Any advice would be appreciated – thanks


Brianna - Simply Type

Well Jess, I hope you are feeling better asap! But I do have a question……… I have a handmade timber sign business and have a Etsy/ Madeit Store and a FB page (whoa, full time job just updating them!!) but I have had someone (they found me on Etsy which was a WOO HOO moment!!!) ask me to have my items in their actual shop…. Hmmm… The business is a predominantly wine, coffee, produce and quirky accessories… I think my products would fit into the business as I do special occasion signs… I’m getting to the question now!! She has asked for wholesale prices (umm…) & or on a consignment (!?!) basis… Since I’m new to all this fandangled business thing could you please help? I’m not sure which way would be better for me and to be honest what is consignment??? Hope you can help… Loving your site.. Such a relief that someone helps us handmade businesses… Bought both of your e-guides! Love them!!! Yippee!!! Thanks – Brianna

Julie-Anne Rogers

I have so much trouble with marketing! I am the same as Simone – working full-time as well as trying to get this business running. I have had several sales but not very many. People seem to like my designs and I have no problem publishing them in magazines. It seems that paid advertising is just money down the drain and interviews are more valuable as far as getting new sales and people to my mailing list but it is still all very slow. Getting my site known is really an issue.

What say you?