I'm Hiring!

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to keep Create & Thrive and the Thriver Circle running smoothly… and alas, I can’t do it all myself. That’s where YOU potentially come in!

My current fabulous assistant – the lovely Kath – is moving on, and so I’m looking for an awesome person to take over her role.

The position will include tasks like: sourcing and scheduling social media posts on Facebook and Pinterest; finding wonderful creatives and crafty entrepreneurs to feature on the blog and podcast and communicating with them; formatting, editing, and scheduling blog posts; putting together content for emails in mailchimp; answering emails from community members; supporting the Thriver Circle community in the Facebook forum – as well as offering support to students when I run e-courses; being in charge of the administration of certain Thriver Circle activities; and basically being my right-hand-gal/guy.

You will work closely with me on a daily basis, communicating via email and Trello predominately, with skype meetings once or twice a month. You will have repeated daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, as well as some different and interesting challenges as we work on new projects. You can be anywhere in the world, as this is a Virtual Assistant position – so long as you have a computer, a smartphone, excellent written and spoken English, and a strong internet connection!

This isn’t an internship: it’s a paid position, and I’m ideally looking for someone who’s committed to working with me long-term, to help me grow and support the Create & Thrive and Thriver Circle community.

This position would suit someone looking for a regular part-time income alongside their own projects/business.


Sound good?

This position is for you if:

  • You can devote a minimum of 1 hour per weekday to this job, with a few additional hours throughout the week (this additional work can be done on the weekend if that suits you better). This is flexible – i.e. you need to spend at least that 1 hour per weekday on emails, community support etc. but it doesn’t matter when during the day you do your work – you can split the time up, and do the work when it suits you.
  • You have between 6-10 hours a week you can devote to this position. Your hours will vary week-to-week, but you’ll work a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10. There are certain tasks that have a weekly deadline, so you’ll need to commit to fulfilling those tasks on time, independently.
  • You have a good knowledge of the handmade industry and community – preferably, you run or have run your own successful handmade business. At minimum, you at least have a craft or creative hobby that you have a deep knowledge and love for.
  • You are comfortable with – or happy to learn (mostly independently) – how to use the following software: WordPress, Gmail, Trello, Canva, GIMP or Photoshop (basic skills), Filezilla, Google Drive/Docs/Spreadsheets, Dropbox, Audacity, Skype, Mailchimp, and social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • You enjoy problem-solving, and are tech-savvy – confident in your ability to learn how to use any new software I throw your way. You believe everything is ‘figureoutable’.
  • You are upbeat and happy to help and communicate with my community on a daily basis – via Facebook support in the Thriver Circle group, email, and through voice chat as my assistant on my monthly Thriver Circle calls. You genuinely love to help people grow and learn.
  • You are familiar with me, and my approach to handmade business – and you are on the same wavelength of believing in the value of down-to-earth, practical, real-world advice and information.
  • You are happy to work outside of traditional ‘working’ hours occasionally, as the calls I run for the Thriver Circle can be early morning/evening Australian time.
  • You are happy for your full name and photo to be publicised as part of your role.
  • You are self-directed and self-motivated, confident to work independently once you know the parameters of your role.
  • You enjoy research and reaching out to people, as sourcing interviewees and guest writers for the Create & Thrive blog and podcast will be a big part of your role.
  • You have an ABN if you are in Australia, or the equivalent if you’re based overseas – this is a consultant/contract based position, so you will be working as a freelancer, rather than an employee. Yep, you don’t need to be in Australia, though it would be a bonus.

If you’re interested in applying for this position, please email me – jess@createandthrive.com – with:

  • a CV
  • a paragraph or two outlining your suitability for the role in response to the above criteria.
  • links to your online presence – website and social media.
  • a headshot.
  • and, as you are working as a freelancer, please include your current hourly rate.

The deadline for application is September 14. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jess x

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