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There are a lot of awesome, motivated, clever, experienced people out there sharing their knowledge on how to run a successful handmade business.

Lots of times a friend emails me about their new ebook or course, or I happen to come across one, and think ‘gosh, why didn’t I think of that – how awesome!’.

This, my friends, is the page where I share those very ebooks and courses with you.

Either Megan or I have personally taken the course/read/worked through everything we recommend below – and we only recommend stuff that is practical, useful, insightful, and that will help you move forward with your business.

Please note that some of these products include affiliate links*.


Read our review here.

Check out the workbook here.


Read our review here.

Check out the workbook here.


 Check out the course here.


Listen to our podcast interview with the authors here.

Check out the ebook here.


Read our review here.

Check out the Roadmap here.


Check out Designed to Sell here.




*In case you’ve never heard of an affiliate link before – what it means is this: when you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product, I get a cut of the money from the sale as a thank-you from the author for recommending it. This could be anywhere from 10-60% of the sale price. Why do we become an affiliate? Because it takes a LOT of time to put C&T together for you each week, and the cut we get from affiliate sales helps immensely to keep things ticking along here. 

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