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Jess 2015 for Create & Thrive

Jess Van Den is the founder and editor of Create & Thrive.

I’ve been running my successful online jewellery business – Epheriell – since 2008. It started as a hobby, but turned into a full-time gig in 2010, and both I and my husband now work in the business full-time.

I started C&T in 2013 because I saw a need for a place where aspiring handmade entrepreneurs could learn from those who’d actually DONE what they wanted to do – built a successful craft business.


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Meredith Circle Image for Blog


Meredith Ireland is Jess’ Right-Hand Gal.

I am a textile designer and weaver living in beautiful Tasmania.

I also run a small business supporting independent makers and artists run creative workshops teaching my weaving. I come from a creative family so it felt very natural for me to pursue a creative career.

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We accept guest posts from fantastic, inspiring creative entrepreneurs… who ‘walk the talk’ of running their own successful handmade businesses.


Does that sound like you?

Create & Thrive accepts guest posts from makers and artists who successfully run a part-time or full-time business.

We want to hear your stories, advice, and tips – share with us how you’ve done it, what you’ve learnt along the way, and what you wish other creatives knew that would make their journey easier!

If you have an idea for a blog post and you’d like to see it published here on C&T, please get in touch with Jess – – with your idea.