Create and Thrive Business Card Design

So, today I finally got around to designing a business card for Create & Thrive.

I used to just have one card with everything I did on it, but I realised that it was more useful to have two separate business cards for the 2 things I do – one for C&T, and one for Epheriell. This way, I can hand out the appropriate card in the appropriate places. When I speak, I can use my C&T card, and when I do markets etc. I can hand out my Epheriell card. (And, if I ever move on from either business, I won’t have to trash my cards like I did when I sold *bespoke*!!)

The design process is really interesting – in fact, when I was designing my Epheriell card a few weeks back, I was unsure of my design, so I shared it with my FB community, and got some amazing feedback! Their help made my cards into something truly gorgeous, rather than the mediocre effort I started with.

Here’s how the Epheriell card turned out…

1-Epheriell Jewellery2


So, it’s got me thinking… I’d love to see your business cards!

There are a few ways to share:

  1. Just leave a link to a photo of your cards in the comments

  2. Upload a pic of them to the C&T Facebook page

  3. Share them on Instagram/twitter/Pinterest and tag with #CTBizCardChallenge

I’d also love to hear the story of how you got them – did you DIY your design? Did you hire a designer? Did you use a site like Moo or Vistaprint to make them?


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