5 ways to beat overwhelm and breathe life back into your business.





5 ways to beat overwhelm and breathe

Is it just me or is life getting faster? Are the days getting fuller and our schedules busier? It’s the beginning of June and yet it feels like the year just started.

The pace of it all often makes business fell harder. We worry that we aren’t reaching our goals and we aren’t growing fast enough.

We watch other people and wish we could be that successful.

We get burnt out and overwhelmed, right?

Does this happen to you?

How do you cope?

Let me give you some advice that I know from being in that mindset time and time again.

It will pass.

Creativity ebbs and flows, inspiration has good days and bad and sometimes life gets in the way of what you hope to achieve with your business.

But you are doing great. You are doing the best you can with what you’ve got right now. And you’re amazing!

I wanted to share that with you today, because I know it doesn’t always feel like it.

If you are scared, nervous, angry or upset because things are not going right for you at the moment, please remember:

This too shall pass.


That said: you can help yourself get past it quicker!

I’m not just here to tell you it will get better, but to offer a few tips to help you speed up that process.


1. Take Time Off

Step away from your business for a day, or maybe just for a few hours.

The more work you have to do, the more pressure you will feel. This often drains our creativity completely.

Step back from the to-do list and let your brain re-charge.


2. Connect With People

Spend time with people who inspire you – even if you just go out for a coffee, connecting with inspiring people can spur you into action.

They might be friends or family, but it is even better if you can find a group of people who have the same passion for creative business as you do so you can talk about the challenges you are facing with people who really understand what you are going through.


3. Look at Outsourcing

If you cannot physically fit in any more production time for your goods or services, it could be time to outsource jobs such as admin, bookkeeping etc.

Find the parts of your business that are causing you the most frustration and see what you can hand off to someone else, who will probably love doing that job.


4. Connect with your WHY

Allow yourself time to focus on why you started the business in the first place. We often get side tracked by the “should dos” and the emails or orders but it is important to stay rooted in your core purpose.

That might mean for a day of creative play in the studio, it might mean connecting with your tribe and reminding yourself of the value you bring to their lives. Whatever it looks like for you, give yourself permission to play in your business and remember your WHY.


5. Recognise your Superpowers

Once you have re-connected with your why, it’s time to be loud and proud about what you totally rock at.

Take some time to read your testimonials, customer emails and other positive feedback you get for your business.

Remind yourself of the things you do that make you awesome and know that your work is a gift to the world.

You don’t have to be loud about it really but don’t be afraid to share with your tribe the good things people say, it might even prompt others to share their feedback.


Creativity Ebbs and Flows

Running a Business is Tough

If you are having a bad day, or even a bad month, be kind to yourself and know that it’s all part of the journey.

There might have been tears, sleepless nights and moments of dread, but I want you to know it will all work out.

If you believe in what you are doing, put in the effort and stick it out, it will all be worth it.

You are amazing and intelligent and you can figure it out. The world needs what you have to offer!

Elle Roberts

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Elle Roberts is a creativity coach and business mentor who has walked the walk. After running her own creative business for a number of years she found her real passion was in helping other talented creatives get the business stuff sorted so they could focus on their art. Elle is also the founder and coordinator of the Artful Business Conference.



Thanks for this! I feel overwhelmed about twice a day, I think!


You’re welcome Meredith. I do too! It’s par for the course I think with a creative mind so it is important to find ways to quiet the crazy overwhelm when it gets too much. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Steffy Meia

I needed this today! I have an ache in my chest, and when I get burnt out my memory fails. I’m currently recovering from a bout of this (short term memory loss).

My husband took on too much work and I had to become a carpenters laborer for almost a month and it put me back with my web design work, my at home responsibilities and my passion of textile design and crafting and on top I still have to manage our construction company.

I’ve had a cold for 2 months now and I know I’m being horrid to myself. I’ve been trying to convince myself that it’s ok to take a step back, to reschedule, to just say your available next week. It’s hard when you feel so obligated and everyone want what they want NOW! I have so many ideas rattling around in my head and have had no time to jot them down, all I want to do is draw in my sketchbook!

I love reading this blog, it’s my little me time. But, right now I’m going to turn my screen off, make a cup of tea and snuggle with my kitty office assistant. Thank you for the encouragement!


I am sorry to hear you are having health problems and you are right it is so hard to not feel guilty and pressured by your desire to meet other people’s expectations. My experience tells me though no one is as hard on us as we are on ourselves. I’m glad you liked the post Steffy and I hope you are having a wonderful day today. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your kitty assistant cuddles xo

What say you?