5 Must-Have Offline Organisational Tools for the Home Office




5 Must-Have Offline Organisational Tools

Technology has come leaps and bounds in helping us organize and schedule our daily routines. Yet in my heart I know that nothing on a screen can ever replace a brand new, sturdy 5-subject notebook. I love paper, planners and desk products, so I’m thrilled to share some of my offline organizational tools with you today.

Most of what I do on my desktop revolves around personal business planning and the work I do with dream clients. Pretty desks make me happy, so in addition to my favorite paper products, I’m always look to add unique items such as my porcupine pencil holder from Lenny Mud on Etsy.


Here’s my list of 5 must-haves for the home office:

  • Paper Mate stick ballpoint pens (the cheapie kinds that come in qty = gazillion). I’ve fallen in love with more expensive pens in the past, but it seems that as soon as I give a new pen my loyalty, its quality falls off. I can buy a huge package of Paper Mates for a few dollars, and they write like butter (+ it never matters if someone steals my pen – I have dozens!).
  • Legal pads! I’ve recently discovered the pleasure of an old-school legal pad. While a quality 5-subject notebook will always have my heart, I find that legal pads are the best place to record the thought or dream of the day. There is something to be said for flipping or ripping the page rather than turning it (notebook-style). It reads less like a book and more like a task list, and it’s a handy tool for the desktop!
  • Pretty file folders. When I’m working with my dream clients, I keep their goals and my case notes on a legal pad stuffed inside a designer file folder with their name on it. It’s all so practical + pretty!
  • A good planner. I’m partial to one in particular (Your Best Year 2015 will be released in October!), but truth be told, I keep many. I’m a planner-aholic.
  • A strong cup of coffee in a pretty white cup. Because it fuels my dreams.


That’s what’s on my desk! What’s on yours?

Lisa Jacobs

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WiReD Boutique (@pmillers)

Wonderful tips! Back from my legal assistant days, I had to immediately know where everything was. But in a drab brown sort of way. Now, with my own office, it’s color-coded, pretty all the way!

Lynette Long

I am so with you on the legal pads! I use the mini ones as they are handier for me with how my desk is set up. Close by is my papermate pen that my awesome husband customized with polymer clay haha!


Oh yes, ditto the pens! But my favourite items for my desk are my stationery caddy (for pens, pencils, sharpeners, stapler, etc) and my desktop filing box which holds the various papers I need for running my business such as envelopes, pretty note paper and customs forms.

What say you?