[145] Erin Dollar of Cotton & Flax


My guest today is the inspirational Erin Dollar.

Erin is a textile and surface pattern designer who specialises in minimalist designs with an eco-friendly focus.

She creates boldly patterned home decor for Cotton & Flax, which she founded in 2012.

In this episode, we have an in-depth chat about her business journey, her thoughts on social media, time management, business direction, and much more.

BONUS: Erin is going to be joining me and the Thriver Circle community for a live chat on Tuesday the 24th of April at 10am, AEST (the time in Brisbane, Australia). If you’d like to join us for that, make sure you’re a member of the Circle, and look for the event in the Circle FB group.




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Quotes and Highlights in this episode:

  • The focus of Erin’s business has evolved over the years.
  • “There is something really interesting in looking at the micro-level of your business and making a plan to shift and pivot to follow what is successful.” {Erin}
  • Moving into design allows for artworks to become more accessible at a lower price point and can open up avenue for collaboration.
  • Your business focus will ebb and flow over the years with periods of higher and lower creativity.
  • “It’s okay to have seasons of fluctuation.” {Jess}
  • As your business grows moderation is important to avoid burnout.
  • Setting clear boundaries and maintaining a work/life balance create a sustainable business.
  • “Build some boundaries into your workflow where you can early in the process.” {Erin}
  • Social media can be a powerful business tool but be wary of comparing yourself to others.
  • Create authentic connections and build a community for the long haul.
  • “Your website and your mailing list are the two tools you can really control.” {Jess}
  • “Don’t rush. There is going to be time for all the amazing things you want to put out into the world.” {Erin}




[144] The Power of Pinterest [Member-Exclusive]


This month, to fit in with the Thriver Circle project (#PinterestChallenge), I’ve done an episode on the power of Pinterest.

In it, I outline why Pinterest is an excellent choice of marketing tool – especially for handmade business – and share some stats for how much it is growing, and the reach it has.

My goal was to inspire you to dive into the world of Pinterest, and see what impact it can have on your business.

If you aren’t a big fan of social media – THIS is your best choice for getting traffic to your website, without having to share much of your personal life or self online.


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You can listen to the episode intro below:


P.S. There is also a detailed video workshop on how to to use Pinterest to market your handmade biz in the Circle – available immediately to members upon joining!





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